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We Offer the Best in Class Soft Skills Course Training in Punjab.

The following intensive modules are fine-tuned to boost your confidence and help you be the best version of yourself.

Power dressing

In any corporate institution, you need to portray yourself as a business-savvy person and exude confidence at your every step. Dressing in the proper attire is key to expressing yourself as an influential person in the office, and also for impressing your potential clients. Crucial deals are made or broken based on the vibes that you give out, and hence it is necessary to mediate that through proper training.

Dining etiquette

Dining etiquette is an essential personality trait for people from every walk of life. Whether it be a family gathering, a date with your significant other, or a celebration after closing a deal, your table manners reflect many traits regarding your personality. It is necessary to always maintain a proper stature in every situation, and our soft skills training in Punjab specializes in reinforcing this etiquette with appropriate training.

Business etiquette

Business etiquette can be thought of like the unwritten code of conduct for professionals in his or her professional workspace. These are a few rules and regulations that have been ingrained in the community to honor, respect, and encourage cooperation between colleagues. Our image consultancy in Punjab is set up to aid young professionals in delving into the job market and acquiring such specific skills.

Social etiquette

Similar to business etiquette, a social protocol consists of the unwritten constructs that society has created through time. Humans being self-proclaimed social animals and continually engaging in some form of social interaction. A code of conduct has to be followed for the communication to not turn sour or malicious for either party. Our image consultancy services in Ludhiana specializes in teaching the foundations of social etiquette through scientific methods.

Personality development

Our course as a whole is dedicated to addressing your inherent issues and improve your personality in the process. The process involves intensive training that will enable you to showcase your talents and pursue any endeavor with full vigor. Our exercises will focus on enhancing your confidence, such that you can express yourself to the fullest, and towards getting rid of your social and personal anxieties to maximize your productivity.

Public speaking classes

Proficiency in public speaking is an integral part of your personality development. Most people are not trained from their childhood to take part in debates, elocutions, and public performances, with the onus very much on garnering bookish knowledge. The public speaking module for our soft skills training in Punjab focuses on driving out the fear of public speaking and instilling confidence, which will be serving you well at any event.

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From enhancing your soft skills to professionally personality development classes, we got you covered.

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Our Intensive Personality Development Training in Our Soft Skills Course Training in Punjab Consists of the Following Essential Courses.

These are aimed at developing different aspects of your personality.


Presentational skills

Office presentations are very commonplace nowadays since it is a much more efficient way to get your ideas across as compared to brochures of information. The success of performance also depends on the capability of the presenter. Hence, we have introduced the presentation module to make you the perfect presenter for your organization.


Personnel management

The ability to be friendly and interactive in a competitive environment is a tough ask, especially for youngsters who are delving into the job market at current. The personnel management module is designed to enable corporates to be a productive part of the office workforce without significant hassle.


Stress management

The modern-day lifestyle is very mechanical and routine-oriented. The modern professionals need to manage their lifestyle and time such that they don’t take on excess stress, negatively affecting their productivity. Hence we have incorporated a module for stress management exercise into our image consultancy service in Punjab.


Public speaking

Public speaking is an essential skill necessary for people in any sector of the professional sphere. Public speaking involves all aspects of communication, which include formal or informal verbal communication, and the public speaking module in our soft skills training in Punjab aims to perfect your general speaking skills with minimal hassle.


Power dressing

Your clothes speak a million words about yourself, and hence it is necessary to wear clothes that reflect your personality and cast a good impression of yourself on your colleagues. The power dressing module in our image consultancy service in Moga is focused on improving this very aspect of your personality.


Emotional quotient evaluation

While the intellectual quotient is quite a widely-discussed topic, the development of one’s emotional quotient is often ignored. The emotional quotient is a measure of how a person adapts and responds to a pressure situation. Our soft skills course training in Punjab specializes, helping you to increase your emotional quotient manifold and help you overcome stressful situations.

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We are world’s numero-uno brand working at helping you define and develop the most suitable image to be successful. Because in today’s time the competition is not with the local market, we provide exclusive soft skills training and image consulting to enhance your global image. Your image and company image should be well projected to the world. We specialize in dealing with image management both inside and outside. With the trained and certified professionals, we guarantee the bestand prompt services. We are a name to reckon with and the testimonials simply swear by our name. Kohli Finishing School offer multitude courses aiming at nurturing and improvising your confidence and creativity. We endeavor to work on the physical, psychological, aesthetic and social aspect of an individual as well as corporation. You will be motivated to initiate your emotional intellect and EQ. We offer intensive finishing workshops for schools, colleges, universities, companies and one on one sessions for individuals on relevant topics like stress management, time management, refurbished communication skills, enhanced social and business etiquette, public speaking, creating an indelible ‘first’ impression, managing peer pressure and personal grooming.


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As an alumnus of the Kohli Finishing School, I highly recommend it to anyone having problems with personality management and public speaking issues. I was just a timid graduate who had just started working for a company when I registered for the institute. It was my very first job, and I was getting suffocated by the corporate environment. Kohli Finishing School helped me cope with my difficulties massively and prepared me to face the music of the world. This institute certainly has the best soft skills trainer in Punjab.
Mahendra Saini
I worked in a Mumbai-based small scale startup company. I completed my education from Punjab, and it was there where I was introduced to the Kohli Finishing School. In my opinion, they have the best image consultancy in Punjab. I was struggling with my presentational skills and adapting to the office environment. Kohli Finishing School helped me immensely to be interactive with my office environment and be a successful businessman I am today. I highly recommend this institute to anyone struggling with issues regarding personality.
Heena Khan
The positive effect of Kohli Finishing School on my life has been immeasurable. I was introduced to them by a college friend as we had to prepare for a public performance, and public speaking was one of my weak points. Their courses are exact and well-designed, and they enabled me to overcome the fear of public speaking in no time. I was able to ace the general performance, and it has since become a glowing reference on my CV.
Nitisha Pareek
I was introduced to Kohli Finishing School through a classmate of mine. I struggled with my image and faced significant problems moving from a village to a city. Initially, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of the courses, but their public speaking and personality courses dramatically induced a positive outlook on me. Undoubtedly, they have the best image consultancy in Punjab. Their top-notch courses have much enabled me to acknowledge my issues and take steps to remedy them.
Kohli Finishing School was in its very first year when I joined, and it’s fair to say that I have nothing but fond memories regarding it. Looking back on it, I have to say that joining the institute was pivotal to my success as an entrepreneur. I was never in the proper mindset of being a core professional and faced many problems in the first job I undertook. Kohli Finishing School helped me put me in the right frame of mind from the outset, and guarantee my success in life.
Paras Sharma
Kohli Finishing School has served as my friend and guide ever since I joined the institute about six years back. I am currently the CEO of a library management firm, and it's safe to say that I wouldn't have been able to reach this podium without the absolute quality of service provided by the institute. In my opinion, Kohli Finishing School is undoubtedly the best soft skills trainer in Punjab.
Rajni purohit

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can join Kohli Finishing School via its principal office, in Punjab. We also offer subsidiary courses via our image consultancy services in Ludhiana and our image consultancy service in Moga. You can reach out to any of the offices and register yourself for the desired courses from the brochure. Preferably, you should log on to the Kohli Finishing School homepage, and sign up for a free consultation call. Our representative will be in contact with you for the consultation, and you can join the institute through his referral.

Our public speaking course concerns the aspects of grammar and vocabulary, voice and accent modulation, extempore, and public speaking exercises. We suggest that you sit for the whole package of the proposed modules covering the topics mentioned above. However, you are also welcome to mix and match these modules if you desire, such that it fits your schedule and improves your weak points.

The personality development course can be personalized as per the request of every individual. Their specific modules areas mentioned above, but the learning process is much more flexible. We identify the necessary changes that need to be incorporated into the person, and work on them in a structured manner, in multiple sessions. After the completion of each course, there may be a cognitive test to ascertain the effectiveness of the lesson.

The fee structure is not static but depends upon the timings and the specialized courses of your choice. There is usually a fixed tuition fee and an establishment fee for institution development. Further additions to this amount depend entirely upon your choice of courses and specific modules. The payment can be paid upfront or in a few installations, depending on the amount and convenience. Cash, credit, and debit cards or cheques are all accepted.

Our institute is built on the foundations of enhancing your professional and cognitive skills, which doesn’t necessarily translate to any form of technical education. There is no dedicated placement cell, but our departmental heads are very cooperative and strive to garner employment opportunities for the students to their maximum capacity.

Although most jobs require a level of professionalism and consistent presentational skills, our personality development course specializes in preparing you for jobs that require excellent communication skills and extensive interaction. Our course will greatly benefit anyone who is looking to pursue a career in the Human Resources sector, or someone that is looking to climb up the ranks in a corporate or technical job.

As it is stated before, the learning curve is quite flexible within our institution. Our courses specialize in personalization as per the interests of the individuals. You may start from the very root of the course and work your way into advanced modules. Still, you may also select advanced modules if you desire work on specific problems related to your personality, or according to your preferred time, as per your schedule.

The magnum opus of our institute is our persistence of flexibility. Whether it be in the courses or the batch timings, we aim to provide the customers with flexibility as per their parameters. The schedules will be defined by the modules which you choose to undertake. However, the modules are covered in multiple classes in a week. Thus, you will also have the flexibility to select the day of the week you want to attend, as well.

We can’t stress enough that our courses are cognitive learning courses. Hence, anyone who has had a primary education will be benefitted from our sessions, be it a secondary school student or a seasoned professional. However, for the public speaking course, it is desirable to have primary education in the English medium or have completed a spoken English course.

Our courses don’t provide specialized technical education to help you obtain government jobs. Still, the personality development and public speaking courses at our image consultancy in Punjab do come with the modules of time and stress management. These, along with a good grasp of English, will help you ace the written examinations, and to perform well in personal interviews as well.

We are yet to establish our presence in the online market. At present, we are working on producing software and dedicated algorithms such that many consumers can enjoy our services from the comfort of our home. However, a fully functional web-based learning platform is yet to be launched. You can expect this feature to be rolling out in the near future.

We don’t have any certified career counselors at present. However, we are looking to set up a dedicated department for that service. The career counseling service would be established in unison with our placement cell and will aim to help our students hunt for jobs in their specific field s of interest.

Intensive therapy sessions are dedicated to solving deep-rooted problems within an individual’s personality. However, our service is more holistic and doesn’t involve chemicals or medicinal therapy. Our approach involves problem-solving via practice and continuity. Our outlook is that positive reinforcements can go a long way towards improving your personality.

Punjab is one of the largest and most productive states in the country of India, and it is quickly becoming a hub for numerous industries and young professionals. Several opportunities are coming up for the native people for Punjab and people from other states who have migrated there in search of employment opportunities. It is thus necessary to prepare yourself to take advantage of these opportunities to the fullest.

Full certification is obtained from most of the national board of education. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a degree or diploma based on the length of the course, and the modules that are undertaken.


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