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We are world’s numero-uno brand working at helping you define and develop the most suitable image to be successful. Because in today’s time the competition is not with the local market, we provide exclusive soft skills training and image consulting to enhance your global image. Your image and company image should be well projected to the world. We specialize in dealing with image management both inside and outside. With the trained and certified professionals, we guarantee the bestand prompt services. We are a name to reckon with and the testimonials simply swear by our name.

Kohli Finishing School offer multitude courses aiming at nurturing and improvising your confidence and creativity. We endeavor to work on the physical, psychological, aesthetic and social aspect of an individual as well as corporation. You will be motivated to initiate your emotional intellect and EQ. We offer intensive finishing workshops for schools, colleges, universities, companies and one on one sessions for individuals on relevant topics like stress management, time management, refurbished communication skills, enhanced social and business etiquette, public speaking, creating an indelible ‘first’ impression, managing peer pressure and personal grooming.

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    We are the team of great combination i.e intelligence and smartness


    Our Programs

    Our team which is par excellent, certified and skilled aims at overall holistic development of the client. We have been emboldening personalities and making requisite changes in people’s aura so as to help them live a refined life.

    The Academy’s Social and Corporate Etiquette programs are created to equip our students and clients with perfect International Etiquette, apt knowledge protocol and global skills required for the Corporate World, Government Departments, universities and schools across the globe.


    Corporate Sector

    Do you want your company name to ace in the corporate world? Log on to our corporate image consultancy programs where we endorse the image related educational training to the employees so that they present the right company face as well as values to the world.

    In the global market with culturally diverse work environment, the face of the company on its website, emails and the employee business etiquettes speak volumes about the company culture. Our specialists, having worked on innumerable corporate projects, are available to train the employees to help them acquire social grace, business ethics, and business etiquettes and assist them in handling business situations and crisis confidently with poise.


    Ladies and Prospective Brides

    Married or unmarried or yet to be married, join our Ladies’ Image Enhancement programs. If you are getting married, we make sure you ensconce well in your new household and carve a niche for yourself. Our specialists will assist you right from tips on wedding wardrobe shopping to household etiquettes, preparing you to take charge of your household judiciously. We aim to teach girls and ladies a dignifying mannerism to make them more refined and sophisticated. You’ll learn to be the perfect hostess with ease for family dinners and impress everyone with your immaculate dining and layout etiquettes. You will learn to handle any crisis with poise and dignity. Log on to our image enhancement programs to be well equipped with the perfect Indian, Asian and European family value systems.

    Teenagers and Kids

    Teenagers and Kids

    Our specialists are adept at training children, teenagers and youth to be the icons of tomorrow. Our expert guides and teams prepare youngsters to imbibe the right values and revamp their body language, verbal and non-verbal communications. Your style statement and confidence does talking most of the time. Hence, our competent team of specialistsnurture and rejig the opulent dining etiquettes, public speaking, social mannerism, confidence building and capitalize the strengths in each individual. The youth of today is the voice of tomorrow. We endeavor to portray the right voice and aim at a better future.



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