The word ‘marriage’ or ‘wedlock’ brings with it a host of mixed feelings- jitters, anticipation and even anxiety for some. You have butterflies in your stomach the moment you think of getting married. It is a beautiful feeling spending time with the person of your dreams and making lifetime memories. It, however, is accompanied by the responsibilities and burden of taking care of your spouse, managing your house and of course the finances.

The question arises when and how do you consider you are prepared to enter into wedlock. You are traumatized by the opinion that you may lose your financial independence and may be confined to the four walls of cooking and cleaning. You are even worried that you might not live up to the expectations of your in-laws. In any scenario, marriage is the union between two families and taking the family ties ahead together. There isn’t any specific guidebook or rulebook to streamline your way to happiness. This is a path where you have to emerge as a winner, win everyone’s heart and create memories.

Do you think someone can help you pull off your wardrobe stress?

 Do you think someone can ease your ‘look-good, feel-good’ woes?

Do you assume that relationship counseling would help?

Are there any quick-fixes to pleasing everyone?

The answer to all these traumatic questions is simply a YES. An image consultant is your marriage guide who will take up all your shopping dilemmas and help you be more confident. Keeping in mind your inherent nature, an image consultant will help you project an image which is likely to win everyone’s heart and help you ensconce better. Following are a few areas where an image consultant can pitch in ideas and help you in pre-marriage preparations and settling smoothly post-marriage.

1.    Creating a perfect wardrobe

Whether you are the would-be bride or the groom, you need to invest a lot of time and money in choosing the wedding outfits and redesigning your wardrobe for the initial few years of marriage. What if you buy something that makes you look fat or not so-chic?

Seeking an image consultant’s help means buying the right outfits which are purchased keeping in mind the right fit and your body type. The image consultants also know the best time to shop so that you can avail the best deals. You will spend your money in the right direction with the least of your efforts. Your quest for branded trousseau at the ‘right’ prices ends here.

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2.    Positive body image and confidence

What you need to carve a niche in someone’s heart and brain is mere confidence and positivity. The adept image consultants help you define a positive body image and help you overcome your inhibitions. The outcome is a confident and a ‘happy-you’. When you perceive yourself in a positive light, you radiate positivity and automatically you are magnetic enough to draw everyone’s attention and love.

The image consultants believe in acing your communication skills and the way you approach others. Your in-laws and friends are surely going to be spellbound with the way you carry yourself and communicate. This is essential in today’s time, irrespective of whether you are a working woman or a homemaker.

3.    Kitchen and Dining Etiquettes

When you enter a new house with new traditions, rituals and customs, you don’t want to be flummoxed with the systems and want to fit in the picture soon. The image consultants help you with the basic dining manners, cutlery placement and etiquettes, the uses of a variety of glasses, table layout and a host of other things which will make you stand out in the house.

The etiquettes one seeks while being a guest or a host are the jurisdiction of an image consultant. The art of receiving or giving a gift, the art of being a humble guest or a generous host and the art of being the perfect homemaker are just an image consultant’s class away. You will definitely be at peace in the initial settling years with all that is basic and mandatory to run a household.

The Takeaway:

Even while you are in the dilemma of whether you are ready for marriage yet or not, let the top-notch image consultants like Kohli Finishing School help you groom and polish your mannerisms. The basic knowledge of financial rights and legal rights are also mandatory before entering a nuptial. Let the image consultants be your counselors from the pre-wedding phase to the post-wedding stage and let you sail smoothly in your boat full of love and happiness.

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