How to Dress Well to Look Powerful at Work?

How to Dress Well to Look Powerful at Work?

It is important that the way in which you dress go according to the activities you perform or the nature of your profession. Your way of dressing says a lot about you. Know some options that can be coupled with your style and at the same time give an excellent image.

Dressing properly in your workplace is extremely important for projecting a professional and good image.

Although the trends have changed a lot and it is now possible to use extravagant clothes and accessories, it is necessary to recognize that in the workplace this is not functional.

It has become important to be clear that the use of certain pieces is for certain places and scenarios. The clothes must adapt to the context and situation.

For example, an extremely long or tight skirt to the body will not allow you to move naturally, you will feel uncomfortable and you will not perform your functions well. It is also essential to maintain an appearance that does not visually interfere with the environment.

The clothing of an individual must be consistent with the area in which he works, must be clean and orderly and most importantly, without losing sight of his own style.

There is no second chance to make a good first impression, so you must always be presentable. Your clothes convey who you are, what you believe in, how you feel, what you work on and also some of your values, that’s why it’s important to always be appropriate.

Our experts emphasized that dressing well does not refer to follow fashion, to combine clothes or accessories perfectly or to use exclusive brand clothing; but to be presentable, clean and suitable for any situation that occurs on a day-to-day basis. This is what is projected as powerful clothing.

On the other hand, dressing inappropriately projects you as an informal, unprepared and also transmits insecurity.

A clear example can be the case of an executive or director of a bank wearing a shirt and rugged jeans, this way will not generate the same confidence as seeing him dressed with elegance and sobriety.

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The workplace is an environment in which you live with more people so you should make the day enjoyable for others and this starts from your clothes.

Basic, casual and formal. This option is the essence of today’s man. For this type of outfit, soft colors are an excellent alternative.

Elegance and good taste are what this option reflects. Dressing in a jacket and tie is very conventional but it is enough to add a small detail to create a different outfit, modern and youthful.

The blues are still in trend. This color denotes freshness, tranquillity and security and is perfect for any office day.

Black and dark grey are basic colors that can be used anytime, anywhere. Both can be combined with different tones and textures to create a different look.

The essential accessory to obtain a change in your day-to-day outfit is the tie. Make sure that your wardrobe does not lack several options for these.

The semi-formal look is perfect for men who work in a less rigid and traditionalist environment. This outfit is linked to those who work in areas in which they should project a sober, committed and trustworthy image.

Classic and sober look. Ideal for workplaces that require formality. Smooth skirt at knee height, basic center and a formal jacket. The colors should preferably be dark.

Stripes are a must and black is the ‘in’ color of all seasons. Combine your semi-formal dark trousers with classic print tops/tees and novel designs.

Formality and style go hand in hand to create the perfect outfit for the office for women. Pastel colors are an excellent option to look fantastic and according to the nature of your work.

A woman’s clothes in the office


– Maintain your own style.

– Neutral clothes with touches of color.

– Sober garments.

– Respect the company’s dress code.


– Use many prints.

– Long skirts.

– Using fluorescent colors or stunning accessories that visually interfere with the environment.

– Highlighted necklines in blouses/tops and skirts.

A man’s clothes in the office


– Take care of the length and width of the pants.

– Clean clothes.

– Basic colors with prints on accessories.


– Ripped jeans.

– Using strong colors.

– Extravagant textures.

The Manifesto of a Responsible Traveller

The Manifesto of a Responsible Traveller

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Before the trip:

– Find as much information as possible about the country you are going to visit: history, culture, economy, nature, religion, cuisine … and even some expression in the local language.

– Try to find tour operators, airlines and hotels committed to the host communities and the environment.

During the trip:

Choice of topics for a small talk

Particularly in the case of casual acquaintances, you should not choose any topic that offers the potential for confrontation. Although the Western mentality is often very direct, locals are reluctant to talk about crispy issues. Politics, in particular, should be overlooked as an issue since the local population does not necessarily feel safe talking about political figures with foreigners – but this is not surprising since it is a subject of the internal matters of the country, there is no need for a guest to discuss politics or politicians. Religion is not necessarily the first topic that one should choose when talking to strangers.