When traveling abroad, you are representing your family, your school, your community and your country. The key to a full journey is your openness of mind and your tolerance for accepting new cultures and the occasional inconvenience of an international trip. If you keep your eyes and mind wide open, you will bring home an experience of lasting value.

Before the trip:

– Find as much information as possible about the country you are going to visit: history, culture, economy, nature, religion, cuisine … and even some expression in the local language.

– Try to find tour operators, airlines and hotels committed to the host communities and the environment.

During the trip:

Choice of topics for a small talk

Particularly in the case of casual acquaintances, you should not choose any topic that offers the potential for confrontation. Although the Western mentality is often very direct, locals are reluctant to talk about crispy issues. Politics, in particular, should be overlooked as an issue since the local population does not necessarily feel safe talking about political figures with foreigners – but this is not surprising since it is a subject of the internal matters of the country, there is no need for a guest to discuss politics or politicians. Religion is not necessarily the first topic that one should choose when talking to strangers.