In this modern era, personality development has become an extremely valued concept. Especially in the corporate sector, the demand for ideal personalities has raised higher. The existing employees who have dynamic personalities are getting promoted to higher job roles. The job interviews are being structured to judge the soft skills of the candidates rather than bookish knowledge. So, it is a high time for corporate workers to invest in their personality growth. Else, they may face serious backlash in this competitive sector.

A good personality makes you worthy of better career opportunities. It makes you multiple times more efficient and productive at work. So, you see personality development has far-fetching benefits.

In order to, get yourself a striking personality, you need to know about the fundamentals of personality. What are the pertinent qualities to thrive in the corporate sector? So, in this article, we will discuss the 4 pillars of a strong corporate personality. We will know how to nurture each of them so that they combine to form a balanced personality!

Body language and posture

Having a nice body language serves many purposes in the corporate workplace. It is quite beneficial in networking and improving business relations. For corporate leaders, confident body language and posture is essential to inspire and influence the team members. These two are the centre of attraction during corporate meetings. Because body language makes the speech engaging. The audience is able to clearly understand your ideas. Body language and posture constitute none verbal communication. They indicate your level of confidence and self-esteem.

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How should be your posture in everyday corporate life?

Always stand straight with your chin up and head held high. A straight posture is a marker for dominance and assertive nature. While standing, never keep your feet very close. Relax and have a comfortable stance. Never hesitate to cover a large space. During sitting also, keep a straight back posture. Try to make an attentive gesture during meetings. When you are leading a team, stand and give a talk in a power pose to radiate influence. For example, stand with a wide stance and openly placed arms or put one foot on a desk while talking.

Some amazing body language hacks

Learn to make positive eye contact. 50 to 60% eye contact during corporate discussions improves your relation. The listener perceives you as a confide and authoritative person. If you are nervous in the beginning, look into the middle of the eyes or notice the eye colour of the second person. You will make impactful eye contact.

Learn the art of perfect handshakes. They make the first impression if you are friendly or rude.

Use hand movements very often to support your verbal communication. It makes you seem genuine and credible.

Whatever be the situation carry a smile to the workplace. Have a calm and composed facial expression while you talk.

Stress Management

Corporate space is becoming more competitive day by day. In such a scenario, if you can’t handle stress, your skills are of no use. That is why mental health and stress management are two critical concerns for corporate employees. Having stress management techniques at hand helps you to steer clear of disturbances and conflicts. So, you can focus on your main goal.

How to ace stress management?

Though the company has a role in giving you piles of workload, you can bust the stress using simple tricks.

Add exercise and meditation into your daily routine. They are very effective in relaxing your mood. Organize your to-do list. Divide 24 hours to separate tasks. Be disciplined and don’t procrastinate so that you don’t have pending work. Practice affirmation and positive self-talk. Bond with your colleagues and have positive communication with everybody in the office. Drink coffee in between your office hours. It is a natural stress reliever.

Effective communication

This is an important domain of your personality which can take you to large heights in career. Two-way communication is what we face in a routine corporate setup. Deals, auctions, negotiations all depend on how you communicate. If you are ignorant in this field, you may lose many great opportunities. So, let us look at what we can do to enhance our communication skills-

The first needed quality to be a better communicator is to become a good listener. So, attentively listen to your guests and clients. Try to be empathetic and figure out what your listener is feeling. Clearly express your requirements. Don’t sound monotonous. Use voice modulations while you talk. Be a little humorous at times to comfort your client. Ask questions when you could not understand a point. It will satisfy your partner that you are giving rapt attention to the matter. Be patient and don’t force your decisions on the other person. Good communication from your side can slowly turn the deal in your favour.

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Etiquette training

Business etiquettes are a compilation of all the protocols followed incorporate interactions. The training is highly focused to equip a corporate professional with a set of soft skills. Just the way, we have learned appropriate manners to behave with elders. Business etiquettes are some unwritten rules indicative of professional manner and respect.

Take a list of some precious business etiquettes in the corporate sector

  • Dressing etiquette– Wear formal, neat and well-ironed clothes to your workplace. Lack of personal hygiene can drive people away from you. So, to be approachable wear nice perfume and groom yourself. Update your wardrobe with comfortable clothes.
  • When you meet a person of importance (a client or a stakeholder) note down his name. Always greet everyone by calling their name. This makes the other person happy. Be polite and have respect for your colleagues.
  • Throw away rudeness outside the office. Be it a telephonic conversation or a face to face meeting have a friendly gesture. Never hesitate to apologize for any mistake. Refrain from criticizing and spreading rumours about others. Show gratitude by saying thank you to your guests.


So, in this article, we gave you a detailed explanation of 4 basic elements to sharpen your personality. Start with these 4 areas and you will definitely witness a positive change in your profession. Investment in personality development never goes in vain. So, begin today itself and shine in your corporate career.