Confidence is the key quality of personality development. Self-confidence makes you strong enough to face challenges in life and career. It can be expressed as the faith you have on your talents and skills. But lack of this excellent attribute can resist you from new opportunities.

 Most of us foster nervousness and anxiety without being conscious. With time, the fear to face failure clutches us so tight that we can’t let go of it. Here, confidence hacks can be used to treat your low self-esteem.

Are you a person who wants to embrace positivity and sparkle with confidence? Then this brief article can be extremely helpful to you. Keep reading to get the recipe for confidence and self-belief.

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No one is perfect-

Every time we are being under-confident, we think of others as a perfect personality. So, cut down these thoughts and train your mind that everybody is just a human being like you. The world is full of imperfections and so are the people. That perfect person you are admiring has his own bundle of insecurities. He may not show his troubles and miseries to the outer world. But he has his own flaws. Like you, others are too worried about their appearance. This thought can effectively calm down your anxiety. And you will ready to face any stage performance, interview or meeting.

#Hack 2-

Fake it until you make it.

Having a nervous breakdown? This is perhaps the best trick for convincing your mind that you are confident. Fool your subconscious by walking in a smart gesture. Make eye contact when you talk. Practice confident body demeanour. Make yourself presentable by taking care of dressing and grooming. Fill up your mind with a positive aura. Make these actions a habit so that your mind transcends to a confident one.

9 Hacks to Be More Confident in Yourself

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The power of visualisation –

Visualisation can miraculously improve your confidence and productivity both. It is recommended to practice visualisation early morning when you wake up. Before starting your day, close your eyes and create the image of a successful you. Imagine that you have conquered all the challenges and achieved your target. You are receiving applauds and appreciation from all. You have acquired all the qualities needed for an ideal personality. Practicing visualisation recharges your neurons. It fills the mind with hope for new and positive happenings. It gradually removes the worry for failure. For better results, combine the daily session of visualisation with meditation.

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Utilise the energy of affirmations-

Affirmations are a list of motivational sentences that can be goal specific. They are effective when read out loud on a daily basis. You can also listen to a recording of all your affirmations. They are generally crafted in present and future tense. The technique builds extraordinary belief in your ambitions and capabilities. For example, let us take into account some affirmation on confidence-

“ I acknowledge all the good things I have in my life”

“ I am confident in my own skin”

“ My confidence is rising day by day”

So, have a set of these magical sentences by your side and reap the fruits.

#Hack 5

Set free from your mental limitations-

We have formed a profound belief that we can not do a specific activity. That can be anything like public speaking, learning a vehicle, swimming etc. We get an inner feeling that we will hilariously fail and people will laugh on us. Actually, this belief is not hundred percent true. Grass is always greener on other side. Any human can achieve any pinnacle of success by consistent practice. So, buckle up your shoes and plunge to do the task you fear most. You may fail in first few attempts. Don’t let those moments weaken your determination. Instead take lessons and keep striving. Once you dethrone a fear, you will feel a splurge of confidence within you.

#Hack 6

Practice breathing techniques and work out-

Breathing techniques give an immediate supply of confidence in critical times. For example, consider the moment when your name is called to speak a few lines on the stage. You become anxious about how to manage yourself. At this moment, breathing techniques can energize your full consciousness. Start by inhaling slowly. Now hold your breath for a while. Then exhale the air slowly out of your body. Leave a gap for next inhalation. These steps wipe down all the nervousness and allow you to be creative.

Similarly, regular exercise has a good impact in raising your confidence level. It detoxifies your body and mind. It enhances circulation and improves brain functioning. The hormones become balanced ensuring better mental health. Exercise gifts you a shaped body which is a crucial part of the ideal personality. So, switch to regular exercise and meditation and multiply your self-esteem.

# Hack 7

Take inspiration from confident people –

Your thoughts are a mixture of the last 5 persons you have met closely and last 5 books you have read. So, if you want to become confident improve your social circle. Mingle with confident and inspiring friends. Read the best motivational books rather than wasting time in social media. Watch the life story of successful entrepreneurs and celebrities. Their perception of failure will surely motivate you to take risks.

# Hack 8

Get a diary and track your daily life –

Many successful people have a habit of writing their daily dairy. It is a useful activity as you get conscious about how you are spending the 24 hours. You will know where you lacked efficiency and wasted your time. This will help you to watch your actions and plan your goals. Ultimately, your productivity and confidence will get boosted.

#Hack 9

Start working –

Most of us start planning our goals, but hesitate to take action. The transformation will only begin after you take the action. Inaction will lead to overthinking and fear. But once you start working, for example, getting trained for swimming or participating in stage shows, your mindset will change drastically. You will feel encouraged to progress more.

So, these were the 9 fruitful confidence hacks. There are many more. But the responsibility lies on your own hand to unlock the hidden potential. Remember these hacks and practice them in real life to get real-time results!