In today’s world, we know that the COVID-19 is one of the biggest misfortunes that mankind is facing today. The pandemic has left many without business and work. It is turning the economy of the world countries upside down, so many are still in deep crisis. But is that the end for the business people are there any ways to get out of this situation? Yes, here we look into the various factors and the options available that you can try to implement in the business during this time.

Employees with the company:

Employees are the assets of the company at any time. But during this pandemic season are the time of the employees used fully. The employees are also using their time at most for the company and we also know that most of the companies are giving work from home options for the employees. This is a time when the individual employees, as well as companies, can enhance the skill/personality level. 

Does this make a difference for the company?

Yes, definitely. The skills of the employees are a major addition to the whole business ecosystem.

What can the company do in this pandemic season for the fruitful use of the time?

Companies are using various options and skill engagement options during this time. The major skill that the companies should be looking into this time is the enhancing of the personality skills of the employees. This is useful for the companies as well as for the individual employees. In short, we call them the soft skill that we are talking about.

The intensive modules are fine-tuned to will boost confidence and help an employee to be the best version of themselves. many people gain this character after years of working with the company and still, there are rooms for improvement. But here we have options that help a person with any level of experience in the industry to gain these skills and fine-tune it to his maximum. Irrespective of any company that he works with it will be an asset to him.

so let’s examine the personal skill development in detail and see what all are involved

Business etiquette

Corporate etiquette training in India is an essential requirement for improving people’s productivity by helping them create their benchmarks in their respective segments with their attitude, behaviour, and courtesy they display. It helps an employee grow personally and increase his contribution to organizational objectives. There would be no wrong in tagging business etiquette as Image Management because this is how an employee creates and retains his or her image in the corporate world similar to the image a brand creates in the world of business. To ensure that everyone in this competitive world can exhibit appropriate behaviour, we at Kohli come up with a fruitful training program for business etiquette.

As the name suggests, the course modules pertain to the acquiring of certain skills that help smoothen out awkward moments that one would otherwise have to face in the professional world. Thus these modules help people acquire etiquettes which help them to:

  • Network successfully by making the proper introductions and shaking hands in the correct manner
  • Choose a dress appropriate to the occasion he or she is attending
  • Dine comfortably both during business dinners and formal dos
  • Brush up on their business communicative skills
  • Develop a pleasing personality that does not threaten anybody but inspires trust and establishes credibility.

In this context we let you know how Kohli Finishing school can help you?

We, at Kohli Finishing School, as a corporate training consultancy, believe in helping people identify those learning objectives that best suit their requirements. Our courses thus include all the different forms of business etiquette like:

  • Soft skill and communication training
  • People management
  • Professional wardrobe management
  • Learning the art of body language
  • Learning to analyze yourself
  • Imparting training on vocal intelligence
  • Identifying the right pattern of communication
  • Working on developing emotional intelligence
  • Building a sense of pride, confidence, and positivity
  • Corporate grooming and etiquette training

Our trainers present the information in these courses in a humorous, relaxed, and interesting manner so that each session of corporate training etiquette that we conduct end to be a fruitful experience. We also prefer using hands-on activities to ensure that the key points get reinforced. Our courses are so flexible that we can mold them to suit the specific requirements of different people.

What are the program objectives?

With the different forms of courses that we have, we strive to ensure that professional who come to us to participate in our programs, become:

  • Well versed in the different behavioural styles and are also able to adapt to them individually
  • Have gained a good amount of knowledge about the appropriate dress for the office
  • Can effectively make self-introductions, properly introduce others and also conduct small talk
  • Efficient in navigating business meals
  • Thorough enough to be able to develop their action plans for their self-development so that they can continue improving their personalities even when they are no longer part of our course

Our business etiquette training program in India is a way step ahead towards realization and enlightenment in the corporate world where you can grab all transcendental energies and create a positive influence. It is no less than a thoughtful initiative taken to help convert good professionals into fine professionals and executives who can handle any situation with grace, style, professionalism, and panache.