In this highly competitive world, everybody is striving to progress in their respective careers. For a professional, success has a broader meaning. Professional success can be credited to acquiring new clients, impressing the boss and building rapport with seniors. Corporate etiquettes have the supreme role behind these achievements. They include powerful communication skills, dining etiquettes and dressing rules. You must adopt these virtues to bring out the best professional within you. So, in this article, we will unleash the unwritten business manners. We will know why they are so important and how they affect our work-life positively.

Why dressing has so much importance in the workspace?

Human attire is closely linked to the subconscious mind. What we see, creates a special perception in our brain. Some companies allow their employees to dress up casually for the office. According to them, it invokes the flow of more creative ideas. On the contrary, business professionals should wear a formal attire to the workplace. The reason is, you have to deal with a large number of clients round the clock. They must get the impression from your dress up that you are a sincere professional. A proper business attire convinces the client that you are experienced enough to tackle the task. If you come well-groomed to the office, your colleagues will be more interested to talk to you. Decent dressing sense has an indirect impact in growing your network with new people. It enriches your first impression.


So how should you dress up perfectly?

It is highly advised to wear garments that fit you right. You should dress modestly and avoid flamboyant dressing. Always go to office with neatly ironed and crease-free clothes. Put on comfortable shoes. Choose a distinct style to set yourself unique from others. Frequently change your colour combinations. And remember, power dressing can create wonders when coupled with other business manners.

Importance of communication skills in work-life

Your perfect formal dress up will go into vain if you don’t have effective communication skills. Powerful speaking is an integral part of the corporate culture. This important attribute becomes your saviour in meetings, conferences and deal negotiations. At every sector of the workplace, you will need this skill to express your views clearly. Clients judge your honesty and professionalism from the way you talk. So, you must show an organised style of talking. Researchers claim that better communication boosts the performance of the company. It resolves the disputes among the employees. Good communication is necessary when you work in a team. Because you just don’t share your thoughts but also empathise with your teammates. As you have a deeper understanding, you attain the power of motivating a team towards perfection.

Let us summarise the advantages of effective communication skills-

  1. It enhances your all-round productivity.
  2. It strengthens your business relations.
  3. It raises your reputation and image.
  4. You become better at critical thinking and judgments.
  5. Stakeholders readily agree to work with you.

How to develop this precious skill?

First of all, you need to master the non-verbal portion of speaking skills. It includes eye contact, body language, sitting posture, hand movement, gestures and self confidence. These elements can deeply impact the listener. So, you need to check your actions and polish them. After this, comes your way of talking and presenting a deal. To impress your guest, you should learn the art of warm handshakes, greeting and salutations. While you talk, you should make use of humour and tone modulations. All these tools of communication can turn every situation into your favour.

Importance of dining etiquettes

Last but not the least, the efficacy of table manners can not be ignored in the corporate arena. Many people seem to ignore the opportunities at business banquets. Such events are often organised to discuss about work and deals. And if you don’t know how to act while dining you may lose the focus from important discussions. Dining etiquettes can subtly leave an impression on your business partners and stakeholders. Some experienced professionals strictly follow the table protocols and expect everyone to do the same. Lack of proper table behaviour can degrade your professional image. The top bureaucrats can judge your ability from your dining etiquettes. These etiquettes may vary from country to continent. If you go for a brunch with an international client, you must have a beforehand knowledge about their regional culture. This signifies your willingness to absorb new culture and adaptation to changing environment. There are a number of rules to be followed during a business dine in:

  1. Remember the placements of utensils like plates, spoon and knife. Know which one to use for a specific purpose. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time searching for the right cutlery to eat your meal.
  2. The meeting is a good chance to know your boss. So, instead of devouring the meal, strike a formal conversation with your superiors. You may end up getting new opportunities.
  3. Keep your phone on silent mode. Don’t slouch on the chair. Maintain hygiene and don’t speak while eating. Keep your elbows away from the table. Behave politely with everybody as well as the waiter.
  4. Never finish your meal before other members. Match your eating pace with the rest of the professionals at the table. It is a good gesture that you can make.

Till now, we learned how organised speaking, dressing and dining can improve our professional reputation. A balanced combination of these three activities can open doorways to success. Most of the successful professionals have employed these techniques to garner name and fame. If you are one of those highly aspiring professionals and seek perfection in every aspect; then follow the given tips to touch your dreams.