LGone are those days, where we used to see people standing in a long queue to attend their interviews. These difficult times have brought in a lot of changes in the way interview is held.  From on-boarding process to job training everything is done virtually, and we have no other option other than adapting to this situation. 

The most obvious question that arises in all your minds are: How do I prepare myself for these online interviews? How do I impress the interview panel? What should I wear?

This blog post will cover these important queries and help you ace your virtual interviews.

Prepare for the Interview

Do a thorough research about the company and their services. Prepare your responses for the most expected questions such as, “What do you know about the company? “Or “Why are you leaving your current role?”

Observe the questions asked and think a moment before responding to them. Be clear and concise with your answers.  Do not hesitate to put forward your queries to the panel, as this interview process is completely new to you. Energy and enthusiasm plays a key role, try maintaining a positive body language throughout the video call.

Appearance still matters

Your appearance is more important on a virtual platform, as it makes the first impression without you vocally presenting yourself. Just because you are not going in-person for the interview does not mean you have to ignore your appearance. Your appearance should still be professional similar to an in-person interview.

Opt for solid colors and steer clear of stripes and or checks, which can be very distracting on camera. Be mindful of your accessories too, avoid glitters and sounds. If you are wearing a tie, choose a solid color rather than a patterned one. Wear makeup that suits up your dress and add little blush as the camera tends to tone you down. Trim your hair and beard as you would proficiently do.

Select the Location

Remember you are in the comfort of your home. So choose a location that is quiet without any distractions and noises like friends, kids or pets which you might not have a control over. Select a background that is not too personal, a simple plain wall would do.  

Camera Placement

It is important that the person on the side is able to see you clearly on the screen. Place lights on either side of the computer and adjust the lighting in the room to reduce the glare. The camera should be positioned just above your eye line. Eliminate sitting just in front of a window and also take care there is no light right above your head.

Test your Hardware

Choose the device such as a computer or a smart phone with a best camera feature. An uninterrupted Internet connectivity during the video call plays more important role in the interview. You do not want your interview to be interrupted due to a poor connection. Headphones with microphones will help the people on the other end hear you clearly.  Borrow or get new equipment if necessary.

Consider your Account Name

While using your Skype, Zoom or Google account, make sure to use a professional user name and check your profile settings. If you have any concern, then set up a new account for your video meetings. Also make sure your profile photo appears professional.

Mind your Body Language

Eye contact plays a crucial in online interview as it is in-person interview. Making a proper eye contact will help convey your message with such confidence that will impress the interviewer as well.  When you speak, you want to look directly at the webcam. This way it will appear as though you are looking into your interviewers eyes on the other side.

Throughout the interview maintain a positive vibe and good body language. You can achieve this by having a good posture, sit in your with your back straight and shoulders open. Place your arms can be placed either on your lap or on the desk.

Make them feel you are fully into the conversation by nodding frequently and smiling when necessary. Use your hands to express yourself. Avoid drifting your gaze from the screen.

Test run your equipments

Test your internet connection, have your device on full charge and have a power backup in case of any interruptions. Assess your camera and check your microphones for the sound clarity. Make sure how all the video applications such as Skype or zoom works. In case, you are new to all these technologies you can get help from your friend or a family member and run a mock interview.

Write to them

Email the interviewer thanking them for the opportunity and if you are asked to wait do make a follow up. Make sure you hint them that you are indeed interested in this job opening.