It is that time of the month, when Aditya had to present his monthly targets to his client. But today it was quite different due to the ongoing pandemic situation where everything had gone virtual. Apart from his work, he was in a dilemma.  Is my Internet connection stable? How do I present myself to the team? Am I looking presentable? Am I audible to the audience? Is the lighting good? Aditya was also well aware that how he is seen on the screen is as important as the content itself.

Lockdowns have changed the way how meetings are held. One of the key factors that attract the target audience is the way the presenter portrays himself. Here are some tips to consider on how to be presentable for virtual meetings.

Wear a dress that suits the occasion

Dress code has an impact on our attitude and work ethics. It can enhance your professionalism during online presentations.

If you have a briefing with your team, your dress code should be clean, non-wrinkled casual shirts or t-shirts with jeans. When you have a presentation then the way you have to be seen in the computer is more important and impressive. Men can opt for formal blazer or a buttoned –down shirt, which can be paired with formal trousers or jean. Women can choose anything between cotton salwar kurtas, semi-formal jackets and saree. Avoid wearing low cut or backless tops, tight dresses or skirts, ripped or faded jeans. One can also add a few layers which will make you look more stylish and give that formal look.

Avoid wearing night pants or shorts to match your shirts. Remember, you are in a home environment where you tend to have distractions like children playing and entering your room, or a sudden need to grab a pen or a file .You do not want to put yourself in a position with a formal dress at the top and mismatched one in the bottom.

 Use Appropriate colours

On camera, colour plays an important role, so choose wisely. Focus on the psychology of the colour that can help you set the tone of your meeting. Cool colours like blue, green and warm colours like red, orange and yellow can command attention due to their hue and brightness. These colours also emit emotions such as professionalism, durability, optimism, loyalty, warmth, courage and intellect. So if you are the presenter, go for any of the above shades that seek attention to your screen.

Monochrome dressing is in trend right now. Not only black and white but one can go for layers or wear separates in a different shade of the same color. Neutrals also work best in any situation and you can combine them easily with other colors. Avoid wearing patterns, stripes or spots which do not show well on screen.

Accessorize rightly

Using the right accessories for the virtual meetings is important. Do not wear any jewel that is too flashy or shimmering, but instead opt for something that goes well with the outfit.

Adding small accessories can change your look completely. Women can add a piece of necklace, a small earring, a scarf or a dupata. Men can be free of full suit and tie, or a cuffing, and instead just opt for leather or steel watches and a dial that is not too flashy.

Staying well groomed

Grooming is as important as the dressing itself. In this virtual meetings era, your face acts as the core of your personality. Keep it fresh always and with little makeup. Women can add a little tint to their cheeks and lips, and finish it with a kajal or mascara. You can also add a headband that will make you look you have put an effort to attend the meeting.

Men should take care of their grooming styles as much as women do. Have a well maintained beard and moustache.

The one thing that you can’t change daily is you hair. Follow a regular haircut and keep it well maintained and trimmed. You can apply hair gel or a serum to keep your hair in place. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner for a well nourished hair.

Both men and women can avoid unnecessary face piercings, and visible tattoos that gather attraction. 

Other Tips to Consider

Always maintain a cheerful face throughout the online meetings

Place the laptop in a way that the light source is either in front of you or no more than 45 degrees away from the light. Adjust the screen brightness based upon the amount of natural light.

Camera should be at head-on and at eye level

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place to avoid audio disruptions

It takes even more discipline and commitment to stay productive in our new working environments. Therefore following certain dress code and grooming for a video conference or online meetings will enhance your confidence and help the audience to perceive you as a professional.