Our personality determines our social and professional reputation. During communications and meetings, it is our personality which impacts the listener. A good personality is crucial to make a nice first impression.

 We can describe the personality as a combination of our qualities and skills. And it is not built in just a few days. Our personality is moulded right from our childhood. It is influenced by the environment, situations and our reaction to them. Still, it is possible to improve our personality in a better way. The goal of “personality development” is to sow the seeds of important values and skills in a person. As a result, the person becomes more productive and utilises lucrative opportunities.

To groom our personality, we must have a general idea about its several aspects. In this article, we will put emphasis on every aspect and how to develop them. So, let us get started!

  • Communication inside a society-

We all are social beings. Cooperation with society is the part and parcel of our existence. Hence, one of the most noticeable aspects of personality is the art of effective communication. People will perceive you as a good personality when you talk appropriately. Your choice of sentences and tone of conversation both matter a lot.

Generally, we tend to dislike the speakers who are badmouthed and blunt. So, be cautious that your words don’t hurt anyone. Try to be polite and a good listener during meetings. People grow fond of those who calmly listen to them. There are two types of people on the basis of communication.

Personality Development In Corporate World
  1. Kind, considerate and compassionate
  2. Aggressive, unkind, harsh

Obviously, the first personality is more appreciated. Then why not be like the first person?

Similarly, we can differentiate personalities as introverts and extroverts. Introverts generally keep themselves far from meeting new people. While extroverts are known for their outgoing and chatty personality. But in both the cases, you should give importance to the quality of relationships, not the quantity.

Body language, eye contact and right facial expressions can make your conversation a lot better. Along with these etiquettes, learn to greet and handshake with your guest. These are some minute details which can make your personality even more sparkling.

What your clothes reveal about your personality
  • Physical aspect-

An ideal personality resides in a well-shaped physique. Good health and fitness indicate that you can actively perform your job role. Whereas, obesity or malnourishment can decrease your overall capacity.

A balanced body figure can heighten your confidence remarkably. Physically fit individuals even have a better influence on people. A number of career fields demand employees to maintain good health. Because a healthy person can readily tackle tasks and challenges in the office.

Our health is affected by our diet, water intake and exercise. So, to ensure sound body and mind switch to daily meditation and workouts. Cut down dangerous addictions. Stick to a daily routine and don’t be sleep deprived.

  • Emotional quotient-

This is a key skill to emerge as a likeable personality. Emotional quotient is a measure of your ability to control the emotions. You need to be watchful while expressing your emotions. People with high emotional quotient are master in channelizing their anger in positive direction. They are confident and have full faith on their skills. They are mentally tough and don’t get perished under pressure. Emotional intelligence also involves being alert to emotions of other people which we simply call “empathizing”. This skill helps us to make constructive criticism and positive arguments. Here we try to feel what the other person is going through. Empathy helps us to handle negotiations and influence people to take decisions in our favour. When we can control our emotions, we control our behaviour as well. We become capable of avoiding heated arguments and disturbing conflicts. Emotional health is necessary for stress management. In today’s world, we are witnessing more deaths due to depression and anxiety. So, mental health should never be ignored.

 Practicing meditation and mindfulness is the best medicine for mental stress. These techniques relax your mind and enhance your focus .

  • Flexibility and accepting new people-

This is a pertinent skill for an ideal persona. Many people resign from their job because they can’t adjust to the new office set up. So, an astounding career demands you to be a flexible person who enjoys learning new things. In professional life, you have to daily interact with colleagues and complete strangers. These people will be of varied personalities. Your mantra should be maintaining good relation with most of them. Some professions can send you to a completely foreign place to work. To cater to these critical challenges, you need to have an adaptive personality. Even for a great social life, you should learn to accept your neighbours and community.

  • Creativity-

Most people believe creativity is inborn. But, it is an important aspect of our personality. Creative people think out of the box and provide solutions to complex problems. They succeed in balancing their family and profession.

We all have that power of creativity hidden within us. We just have to unlock it gradually. The secret of creativity is being curious about every little thing. Successful people spend most of their time reading books to quench their thirst for knowledge. There are thousands of advantages of being creative. So, this attribute is a pearl in personality development.

  • Organisational skill-

There are broadly two types of personalities on the basis of the organisation. Those who plan and act carefully and those who don’t. An ideal personality is disciplined in taking actions step by step. It makes him hit the target quicker. On the contrary, a careless person suffers for not having order in life. Lack of proper organisation can slow your progress. So, modify your habits and be punctual.

In this article, we came to know about the most important areas of personality. Our pro tip is to first introspect and analyze which qualities you lack. Then you should invest your time in absorbing the specific values only. Day by day, you will see positive changes. So, start today and give your life a new outlook.