First impression holds extreme importance in seizing great career opportunities. When you sit for an interview, you are supposed to make a nice first impression to ensure selection. It is said that you have no second chance to create the first impression. Hence, you must be capable of catching the attention of people at the first sight. The same formula applies while negotiating deals in business. You pave way to a win-win situation by making an ideal first impression on your clients. Most of the successful entrepreneurs are masters in this art. Even you can blend this novel art into your live through training and practicing.

What will you require to leave a lasting first impression

  1. A captivating eye contact –

As it is famously quoted, eyes are the windows to soul. Being able to make a good eye contact during conversation is a sign of confidence. The other person can gauge your honesty and truthfulness from the eye contact you make. The candidates who show a lasting eye contact in an interview, are more likely to get appointed. That does not mean you have to keep on staring till the end of meeting. Eye contact should be strong but not bizarre. Instead of watching creepily, it is advised to have brief eye contacts regularly during the talks.

  • A warm handshake-

Everybody is well aware about the decorum of handshakes before a meeting. Did you know there is real science behind the gesture ? Our brain perceives the personality of people from the warmth of their handshake. A cold palm is significant of a cold person. While, a dry handshake shows that you are calm and confident to attend the discussion. So, the next time you present your hand to shake, make sure it is dry and warm. Give a firm handshake without crushing the other person’s hand.

  • Speak in a voice of authority and dominance-

Your words and voice have the power to influence people. Only you can use the tool to your capacity. Therefore, never let nervousness to reflect from your tone. It is scientifically proven that you speak more confidently about the things that fascinate you. People may forget your speech, but the vibes you propagate lasts long in their memory. Your speech can infuse trust and loyalty in them. So, mould your talking style, voice modulations and vocabulary to engross your client.

  • Dress to influence –

Power dressing instils self-confidence and comfort. So, get decently dressed before going for an important meeting. Try to match your outfit with the person you are meeting. It will elicit familiarity and friendliness in the atmosphere. And yes, maintain hygiene to avoid a bad impression.

  • Be conscious about your body language –

People can deduce a lot from the body language you display. They generalise a personality from hand movements and standing posture. So, always welcome your guests with a straight stance and open hands. Never hunch back while sitting or fold your arms. Be calm and composed. Practice breathing techniques to ease the anxiety.

A lot of people make a great impact, but a few succeed in leaving a lasting impression. So, follow the above tips to charm everybody through a magnetic persona.