What will be your instant thought when you see a person for the first time? What factors determine in you to see a person as an elegant, knowledgeable or well-dressed? Is it just the dress they wear, their smile or shoes?  Dressing and Grooming is as essential for Men as women in this era. The necessary guideline for Men to consider in improving their style quotient are listed here

Dress for your Body Shape. Understanding your body type and knowing what looks good on you is extremely important. Your clothes should flatter your body shape, your hairstyle and your personality.

As a man, you typically fall into one of the five body types. The inverted triangle, the rectangle, the triangle, the oval and the trapezoid.

The Inverted Triangle- Chest and shoulders are broader compared to your narrow waist and hips

The Oval-A torso that is wider than the shoulders and hips with shorter and broader limbs

The Rectangle– A tall and thin frame with shoulders that are roughly the same width as the waist and hips

The Triangle- Narrow shoulders and chest compared to your waist and hips that are slightly larger

The Trapezoid- Broad set of shoulders and chest that narrow down from the top, with relatively narrow hips and waist to your legs

Pick a haircut that will suit your face shape. Your hairstyle must match the facial shape and your profession. The great thing about determining your face shape and finding an appropriate hairstyle is that it enhances your features.

If you have a rounder head, you will want to pick a haircut that will make your face look longer to get a more oval-looking face. If you have a triangle-shaped head, you will want a haircut that gives you more width at your forehead so it looks less pointy, and more rounded at the top. Make regular visits to the hairdresser and get your haircut periodically to maintain a nice shape.

Take your beard into account. Your beard and moustache style should add contrast and dimension to your face. Choose the style based upon your facial shape. For Square shaped Face, keep your beard short on the sides and fuller on your chin. Slim your face with an angled shave along your cheekbones and keep your hair full for Round shaped Face. Oval shaped is perfect face which can go for any beard style. For Rectangle shape, keep your beard shorter on bottom and longer on the sides to show off your strong facial features.

Also make sure to follow few tips for keeping your beard in good condition.

Ø  Keep it clean and soft using beard shampoo and conditioner

Ø  Trim your beard regularly and maintain its shape

Ø  Moisturize it with beard oil to keep your facial hair looking at its best

Accessorize minimally. Accessories allow you to convey your individual style and separate yourself from the crowd. There are few things to keep in mind when wearing accessories. Use a watch that is minimalistic and has simple designs suiting your wrist.

Ø  Keep it simple

Ø  Stick to three main colors to make it look clean

Ø  Fit the accessories with your clothes

Your Face is the core. Men often tend to forget that your face is the core of your appearance and it is vital in making a perfect first impression. Few things to consider for maintain

Ø  Use a  face wash that suits your skin type

Ø  CTM(Cleansing, Toning  and Moisturizing) routine is essential as they are exposed to all kinds of dust and pollution

Ø  Never step outside without a sunscreen

Ø  Exfoliate to eliminate dead skin cells on weekly basis

Ø  Use a lip balm for your chapped lips

Footwear is Crucial. Shoes play an essential role and it can make or break your look. Choose the perfect footwear based upon your outfit. Leather shoes are a must for any man. Lace-up shoes are considered more formal and the most common business shoes used for interviews and meetings. For a casual wear, you can go for loafers or boat shoes. Wear socks that match your trousers and ensure you use executive length socks which cover the calves.

Eyewear. Eyewear can give you the necessary edge to your appearance. Wire frames are professional looking whereas plastic frames look more casual. Choose a eyewear that suits your face shape.

Belts. For formal wear, be careful to match your leathers and metals. The strap of your belt should not only be the same color but also the same level of shininess as your shoes and other leather accessories. The buckle should be the same color as your other metal jewellery.

Personal Hygiene.  There are few tips to consider for personal hygiene

For oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly and use a good dental floss and mouth wash

Use a deodorant after wash

Keep your nails clean, short and trimmed


Men can always make use of the professional help by enrolling themselves in an Image Consultancy Course and upgrade their personal style.