Corporate training has become an important aspect of every single company. The reason being the myriad of advantages of training classes. These sessions not only confer the employee with technical know-how but also equip them with etiquette and soft skills. With progress in digital technology, real-time physical training are being replaced by virtual video classes. As a corporate person, you might be thinking on these points.

Are the video trainings reliable over traditional classroom programmes?

Will the video training be successful in improving the calibre of employees?

If these questions are arising in your mind then you have come to the right place. Here in this article we will discuss how video trainings are a better choice above traditional trainings.

  • Improve the accessibility

In conventional training method, you can access the knowledge only when you are present at the venue. You need to take a leave from your official work to engage with the training programme. But, everything is simplified with the advent of video training. You have the freedom to learn at your comfort. The videos are distributed by the organisation on its official website. The modules are systematically arranged online. You just have to log in to access all the study materials. Training is just one click away from you. Be it home or workplace, you can take coaching at your own pace. You can even pause a long video and resume later when you get time.


Here the most important thing is whether the trainer uses latest software to store, organise and distribute the training videos. There should be options like downloading the materials. The web portal must be compatible in smartphone, laptop and computer. Then only most of the employees will be able to utilize the resources.

  • Requires less budget

It has been estimated that switching to video training can save 70 to 80 per cent of your company’s investments. The fact makes sense because you spend extra money for travelling and catering in a training program. We have not even mentioned a number of other expensive issues like booking a proper venue, charges for light and sound system for the training. But, training your employees through e-learning cuts heavy expenditures. You only need to download the files available online in an readable format. And the job is done. You just pay the training organisation for coaching materials and your program is well sorted.

  • The training program becomes customizable

It is one of the promising benefits of video mentoring. You can entirely customise the training modules as per your requirements. From a set of skills, you can choose which one to give your employees. If you need to add something extra, just request the instructor. He can upload the new course to the website. There is even room for branding and messaging which is not feasible in real time training. In fact video training is a boon for the learners who get bored with reading and writing activities. High quality creative videos works for most of the people. The instructor can provide the video scripts and supplementary documents to read as well. Different teaching styles can be created to suit different individuals. Digital training is way too flexible to cater to the skill demands of each employee.

  •  Video training is highly scalable-

In a physical real-time training the instructor can train only a group of individuals. If the number of people is large, more trainers will be required. To facilitate good interaction, the employees will have to be grouped. But the video trainings are exactly opposite. Believe it or not, a single instructor can teach thousands of people at the same time through a video training or webinar. The learner can access the tutorial even by sitting in a foreign country. And all thousands of trainee will learn the same valuable lessons.

To achieve such outstanding scalability, the e-learning website must have updated technology. Not having strong software, can crash the server when many people try to access it simultaneously. There are many tools to check the scalability of a website. You can use them to measure the the overall capability of your site and upgrade it further.

  • The versatility of a video training programme-

Everyone will agree that videos are the most fun-filled and interactive way to teach something. No speech and lecture can match the level of animated story-based videos. The coach can make personalised videos to teach any work algorithm. Role-plays can be shown to demonstrate practical skills like communication with customers. The company can make informative videos to introduce the employees to new software and services. Even soft skills can be effectively imparted through video training. It is noticeable that many trainee are achieving personal and professional development after watching motivational videos.

You can gift your workers lifetime access to all the visual resource. So, the e-learning platform becomes a library for them. Whenever they encounter any issue in work life, they can refer to the videos and get guidance. This way your task force will be covered by an evergreen knowledge resource. They will adhere to industry standards. As a result, your total productivity will escalate.


In this article, we discussed the five advantages of video training. We hope the discussion cleared all your queries. Summarising all the points-

  • Video training encourages personal learning through advanced teaching methods.
  • They are easily accessible by everybody.
  • Course can be customized according to the taste of the learner.
  • This type of training is cost effective.
  • High scalability allows many students to learn at the same time.
  • It is easy to track the progress of the learner and take tests.
  • Video lessons can be kept as a library for use of employees.

So, these were the sweet gains of video classes. It even suits the current pandemic situation. So, weigh your options and take your business to a new height by choosing a video-based corporate training.