Personality is a combination of your appearance, presentation and moral values. Judging a man’s personality is not so easy at first sight. So, we humans have had the tendency to recognize people from the clothes they wear. Subconsciously, we try to analyse the status of a person from his attire. With passing time, clothes have become an integral part of personality development. Whether you are up for a party or going for an interview, your clothes matter much. They reflect all about your taste and culture. Clothing shows if you are an introvert or extrovert. They can tell if you are traditional or modern. So, you can see by changing our dressing style, we can change the way world perceives us. And this is the prime aim of a good personality.

This article will show you how people judge various clothing style. Here we will also depict some tips to influence with dressing. So, keep on reading !

Different fashion sense tell different tale-

  • You might have seen some people who always were the same kind of clothes. They usually keep wearing their favourite dresses for a long time. According to psychology, these people are very attached to their belongings. For progress in professional life, these people must leave their past and embrace modern trends. This step will show your employee that you are open to accepting new changes in work life.
  • Clothes depict real feelings and emotions-

Dresses can also remark that you are not socially outgoing. This becomes apparent when you always stick to neutral colour clothes. You will seem a nervous person if you don’t experiment with bright shades. This shows that you don’t want to get the limelight. You love to live inside a safe zone. So, have some bright coloured clothes in your wardrobe. Never fear to wear shining accessories. This attitude will show the world that you are always prepared to take up new challenges at work.

  • People wearing a professional getup often-

Clothes act as a marker of your professional life. If you are a person who loves to wear formal clothes only, it shows that you highly value your professional achievements. People of your neighbourhood can perceive this as egoistic and workaholic behaviour. So, step out from your hectic work life and wear some casual outfits. This will show that you are a friendly and amiable person.

  • Your fashion marks your maturity-

If you love to dress up in colourful and pretty dresses, with cute accessories then you are subconsciously highlighting your tender youth. Your community will see you as immature and childlike. Generally, teenage girls have this kind of style. So, it is concluded that clothes also reflect your mental age.

  • Importance of dress at the workplace –

Clothes are also employed by some people to hide their real age. It is not rare to see middle-aged people dressed in youthful apparels. Along with that in corporate culture clothes are regarded as a status symbol. Clothes represent the hierarchy in an office. The head of an office dresses more elegantly than employees. So, you can see clothes are a subtle tool to dominate. Some employees match their colour palette with the boss for good impression. The office gives an opportunity to showcase your uniqueness. So, you should also have an authentic fashion statement that makes you stand out.

Always go to the office with nicely fitting clothes. Not very loose or too tight. Regularly change the colour of your suits, coat and tie. Refrain from being flamboyant in appearance. The more formal you will be, the more professional you will be perceived as. Well ironed and crease-free clothes complete a professional demeanour. While wrinkled clothes show that you have a disturbing private life. It also shows you are not disciplined and organised. A well-groomed look will appeal to your colleagues and they will be more interested to cooperate with you.

  • Clothes indicate your inclination towards family-

Matching cloth design and pattern with your family has become the latest buzz. People can sense your deep love for the family if all you wear same colour code to a party or picnic. These type of customized clothes signify your family union. This fashion is perfect for a family photoshoot. Some people are even preparing matching dress for their pets.

  • Wearing branded clothes-

Some people show off their rich economical status from the clothes they wear. You will find their clothes to be filled with brand names and logos. These are the people who want to be respected for their achievements. Many of us have the tendency to judge the financial worth of a person from his clothes. So, wearing nice clothes can uplift our status in world. But we must never judge a book by its cover. Simplicity is also a virtue.

How clothing has an impact on the wearer?

Enclothed cognition is the new psychological term which encompasses our feelings after wearing an apparel. We all have felt that a good dress-up day increases our self-esteem. We have a relaxed mood when we are wearing a comfortable outfit. Our full focus goes to the work and the whole day turns out to be productive. There is a notion of power dressing to grade up our confidence. So, yes clothes can actually change how we feel about ourselves.

What does your favourite dress tell about you?

If you often wear t-shirts, then you are a casual person having a practical outlook. Creativity and intelligence have a higher value than fashion in your life. You never give much stress to what the other person is wearing. Rather, you are pleased with simplicity at work.

A man who wears jeans to work is considered a freedom seeker. Some wear tight stylish jeans to highlight their love for fashion. Whole loose-fitting jeans tell that you are quite carefree.

People wearing formal suits are perceived as rigid and sophisticated personalities. They seem to be the strict followers of rules.

This article summarized the way clothes can affect our personality. So, never hesitate to manipulate different clothing styles to improve your appearance. Clothes can help you a lot in achieving your dream personality. Shine on!