When was the last time you read a book and felt yourself complete?

How many of you have cultivated the habit of writing a journal every day?

               Reading and Writing are two essential skills that we develop right from our school. For most of us reading and writing is subjected to academic articles or books. But do you know that these skills can play a major part in your workplace or business overtime?

Is Reading a necessary communication skill?

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.”, says the famous American author Fran Lebowitz.

Reading is one of the understated skills but which is the most often used in every kind of workplace. It is the part of the overall communication package, which includes reading comprehension, writing ability and good speaking skills.

Why Reading is important?

1.      Reading enhances your understanding. The more you read about a particular topic, the deeper the knowledge you gain of it.

2.      It makes you think before you act. Reading helps you process the information, and use it to make a better decision.

3.      Creates empathy. It allows you to be in someone else’s shoes, even for just a while. For example, reading a fiction allows you to live out certain feelings through the characters.

4.      Improves Concentration and Memory. It is a kind of exercise that requires our undivided attention and helps us improve our ability to remember things as well.

5.      Exposes to new words. Being an avid reader, improves your reading comprehension and vocabulary. It will in turn help you absorb critical information more efficiently.

 Why written communication is important in any workplace?

1.      Build your resume. Your professional life starts with building up your resume for the job application. It helps create a first impression of a future employee through their writing skills. The resume not only show cases the person’s ability for a particular role, but also if they can put across the point they want to deliver without physically being present.

2.      Effective Communication. Email is the primary form of communication in any large organization, where employees may be in different parts of the building, country or world. Email can be used effectively to convey information, request data, invite for a meeting, or distribute a report to the higher officials.

3.      Creates a Permanent Record. All forms of writing are documentation for future reference. This helps people access information quickly, especially if it is written in a digital medium.

4.      Establish Trustworthy Relationships. Well written communication helps define goals, identify problems and arrive at solutions between two parties. For example, Top Management executives must clearly write guidelines so that the employees can understand and follow them without any error.


What are the fundamentals of Good Business Writing?

Master the art of good business writing using the ten Cs listed below.

Complete. A message should include complete information about what the sender wants to tell the receiver. It should also address the – when, where, why, who and how. Any action to be taken should also be mentioned.

Correct. Make sure if the message has correct information, spelling, grammar, punctuation and structures.

Concise. A concise message shows the reader you value their time. While writing, do not include extra or unnecessary information that would make the reader more confused.

Clear. Your writing should be clear enough to understand on what is being said and what action is required.

Coherent. Your reader must understand the message immediately. List out the facts in a logical order and help your reader to follow along by linking your ideas sensibly.

Conversational. Convey the message as if you are talking face to face in a friendly but professional tone.

Credible. Always check your facts and sources. The data provided should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound.

Concrete. Steer clear of vague words and phrases, instead replace with concrete numbers, dates, and timescales.

Courteous. Maintain a polite tone and avoid negative phrases. Put your reader first and take care of your choice of words.

Considerate. Considerate writing means the document should be easy to read and scan. Splitting the information in several paragraphs, using bulletins, choice of fonts, using different internal headings to guide your reader through the document.

How can you develop these Skills?

Reading is a fundamental. To be a writer, you should be a reader first. Reading helps a great deal in building a vocabulary. You can formulate your ideas and views to the audience clearly, when you can pick up the nuances of the language. Invest in good set of books in a genre that you are most interested.

Write a journal. Reading and writing are co-related. Start recording your daily account of life in a journal.  Journaling helps you to train your writing and correct your grammatical errors.

Join a Soft Skill Training In India. As these communication skills are challenging, great take care in improving them. Ask for help from people who are trained for these skill sets. They will help you find the key areas in which you need improvement and achieve your goal.