Why is it that despite the best of the knowledge you failed to pitch in sales?

Why is it that with the same data and statistics someone easily outperforms than you?

What is the one thing that you need to make an outright long lasting impression?

The answer to all these queries lies in the relevance of the million dollar industry, the impact of which can be felt in almost every stream- Image consulting. Image consulting is the field of service wherein an image consultant helps clients to improve their appearance in personal as well as professional roles. These professionals help in empowering clients to exercise greater control over the impressions and perceptions they create. In other words, they are Image Architects who frame an alluring overall personality which their clients deserve.

However, this is the name which is often accompanied by a host of misconceptions. There are certain notions and myths which need to be tackled from a layman’s point of view. It’s often believed image consultants are for celebrities or only the high profile people need them. Let us analyze and break a few shackles around this Rs.624 crore per annum industry.

1. Image consulting deals with sartorial choices only

If you believe that an image consultant deals only with dresses or the choices of clothes, you are highly mistaken. This field does much more than that. Apart from helping clients to choose what and when to wear, the consultant helps you choose outfit according to your body type and the event. They also deal in improving the communication skills, grooming & etiquette and hone the body language too.

Nisha, a private bank employee, would always feel shy and lack behind in her monthly targets. After her training with an image consultant, there was a stark improvement in her performance. She approached each client confidently and her growth chart also escalated further.

2. Only high profile celebrities need image consultants

This myth is purely obnoxious. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, only the smartest can thrive. Right from a head honcho to a lower level employee, from a big multinational to a small private business, from a celebrity to a common man; image consulting is absolutely vital to each one’s image. These days, companies have tied up with image consultants to train and motivate their employees for a wider perspective and be able to face the clients confidently. Even a simple housewife should avail the services of an image consultant to bring out the confidence to efficiently juggle between the household chores, spouse, kids, and relationships and to acquaint with the social media and networking.

The relevance of this field cannot be undermined and limited to just celebrities.

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3. Image consultants charge exorbitantly

The consultants charge for the services they provide. Your first impression and the way you look creates an image in the mind of the customers within five seconds of your meeting. Even your picture on a LinkedIn profile or Facebook creates an indelible impression. What needs to be understood is that you need a congruent first image as you represent the face of the company you work in. You want to set yourself apart from the crowd and you pay just for that.

4. Image consulting is a part-time job

Quite a misconception, image consulting can turn into a full-time job once you opt for it. You can be a private consultant or an entrepreneurial image consultant. Many companies have a year-round training and consulting department set up which renders you employed round the year. All the segments which have customer facing like airlines, hospitality, communications, banking, small vendors or big retailers etc. need a substantial confidence upliftment in the employees to attract the clients and capture the markets.

The last words-In each aspect of life from personal to professional, image consulting helps you to garner a positive virtual image. You will have your wardrobe, etiquette, body language refurbished along with your mindset and belief around your body made positive. The consultant works on the exterior image and then the ideology so that the overall personality is improved. You shall look better, feel better and definitely deal much better.

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