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    Corporate Training Services

    Corporate Training is a simple yet important strategy that provides a streamlined training to all employees to ensure a competitive position in the industry. This also ensures a value driven team built on the niche of collaborating the behavioral and technical skills of each employee. With the best of knowledge and understanding of each parameter of boosting business growth, the productivity, profit gains, and efficiency is nowhere to go. And Kohli Finishing School as one of the best corporate training company in India strives to provide just the same, preparing employees to harmoniously boost business growth and performance.

    What Role Do Employees Play?

    Your employees are the representatives of your company. Whatever they do, can affect directly to your organization. They are the mediators between you and your respectable clients. So, employee training by top leadership trainer in India is essential for the corporate sector. Their dressing styles, working styles, behavior and communication skills are such things which should be taken care of.

    What does our Corporate Training Session Provides?

     Our corporate training sessions under the guidance of best corporate trainer in India provide you overall management of your work which includes customer service, selling skills, communication skills, negotiation skills, customer engagement and much more.

    What is the Scope of Corporate Training?

    All the businesses in the competitive marketplace should have a defined strategy and streamlined approach to impart training to employees in a way that each can make significant contribution towards organizational goals. A well-convinced training program structured with the key objectives in the mind mainly revolves around three essential questions:

    • What are the offerings of our business?
    • How can we reach our target audience?
    • How can we achieve the goals of our business?

    Getting the answers to these questions, one can identify the training needs and also plan a thoughtful training program in a way that each session provides a competitive advantage to all employees. For a successful business venture, each workforce should be:

    Corporate training aids as a key feature for all the youngsters who start to prevail their job in corporate companies. It provides a premium training that improvises all their personal and career traits to lay a better foundation in their professional field.


    Every individual will have a general opinion on their career they are going to proceed. But it is not sure whether they have a perfect and clear understanding on the firm. So it is necessary for the companies to showcase them about their motto and overall ambition to foster their needs and working individuals.

    This will enhance their perspective about the career as well as give a brief detailed outline about the career they are preserving. A complete opinion must be there for every professionals to lay a better cognition in their career and support their firm. In order to enlighten their ideas about the corporate, they are trained by higher qualified and experienced individuals in the firm.

    They will facilitate a remarkable coherence about the corporate company and their work.

    It is most important to know roles and responsibilities of each individual to take higher  steps. This corporate training will give an overall agenda that stays as a curricular mind map of the company targeted.

    • Diverse
    • Innovative
    • Intuitive
    • Knowledge
    • Insightful

    Kohli Finishing School offers the best corporate training in India.

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      What Skills Does a
      ‘Corporate Training’ Institute Focus on?

      Leadership Training:

      The role of a leader at different levels of an organization is about bringing an inspiring and enlightening change in the business sector. The program helps an employee become a leader and also works to strengthen the existing skills of a leader.

      Sales Training:

      Sales training is an asset of any company and giving the right training on empowering the power of sales by making them focus on influential skills, sales closing strategies, and various sale possibilities.

      Motivational Training:

      This works on triggering the level of motivation in all employees and sustaining the same to help them fulfill organizational goals

      Time Management Training:

      It is very important to manage time for all work scenarios to ensure high productivity and improved decision making.

      Stress Management Training:

      Stress is a natural response to any of our routine schedules. It is important to feel managed and transformed.

      Conflict Management Training:

      In the corporate sector it is very important to manage conflicts in all possible forms. This is important to avoid any kind of challenges at every level of the organization.

      Negotiation Skills Training:

      The art of negotiation plays an integral role in ensuring high profit margins through influential sessions and discovery based interactions

      Team Building Training:

      Team building sessions led by best trainers ensures a high performing team that work with each other in a synchronized manner towards a shred goal.

      What does Corporate Training in Kohli Aim for?

      Corporate Training is equally important on the perspective of both employee and an organization. We are here with the best corporate training consultants for creating first impression in an effective way that takes you to the next level. Our aim is to provide you a corporate image enhancement that improves your professional life that brings success and increase promotion chances.

      Let’s have a look at our areas that we work in –
      Business communication

      Business communication

      Good communication leaves a great impact on your colleagues and clients, effective speech is helpful for achieving your goals.

      Our training includes following modules-

      • Body language
      • Tone of voice
      • Word choice
      • Interpersonal interactions
      • How to build a good relationship amongst employees
      Corporate Image Enhancement

      Corporate Image Enhancement

      Our session provides training on how to deal in professional meetings which includes –

      • A Way of Presenting yourself
      • Dressing sense
      • Etiquettes for professional meetings
      • Deal with difficult people
      • Behavioral training
      • Corporate etiquette
      • Empathy training
      • Social and business etiquette
      • Public speaking
      • Communication skills
      Employee Training

      Employee Training

      Employee training covers all the topics which in result bring productivity in work.

      • Selling skills
      • Customer service skills
      • Leadership coaching
      • Soft skills training
      • Ethics
      • Conflict management
      • Team building and management skills
      • Customer engagement
      Social and Business Etiquette

      Social and Business Etiquette

      Beneficial for a company as well as individual’s growth.

      • How to build impression
      • Body language
      • Professional presence
      • Build confidence
      • Social skills
      • Etiquette in public places.
      Complete Wardrobe Management

      Complete Wardrobe Management

      Better use of clothing is explained in this module

      • The Right choice of clothes according to the personality
      • Personal shopper service
      • Let you determine what to ignore in clothes and accessories
      Fine Dining

      Fine Dining

      Proper table manners will be explained while eating

      • Proper dining etiquettes (what to do and how to do)
      • Handling foods
      • Formal Dinners


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