Did you just say ‘Sales’?

The very word ‘sales’ or ‘discounts’ is enough to get the adrenaline gushing in a shopaholic like me, or for that matter anyone who likes to shop. The stores and brands have to keep their shelves adorned with the latest variety of clothes and accessories. As a thumb rule, to get the stocks moving, they are likely to announce periodic sales to make way for the latest and fresh stock.

You are juggled between saving your money, buying the trendiest pieces and looking a’ la mode. Admit that the sales period does bring out the shopaholic in you, even if shopping wasn’t on the charts. But you have to be a smart shopper and not a hoarder who will blow up all the money in hand and regret later.

Before you check-in at your favorite store, you need to evaluate a few factors and be judicious because ideally there is no point wasting your hard earned money on things you wouldn’t use or don’t even need in the first place. It so happened I couldn’t resist a red broad Gucci belt for mere Rs.8000, but haven’t worn it even once because it’s too broad to fit any of my jeans’ loops. Unfortunately, I dwindled away my money which could have been put to better use.

So here are a few tips which will save your cash and make you look voguish too:

1. Make a list of what you need

Make sure you do a pre-shopping thorough wardrobe check to analyze what you actually need. Is it some capsule classics which need replacement or you actually need some pieces of clothes and baubles for an upcoming festivity or season?

You need to shortlist your wish list so as to avoid giving in the temptation of picking up unwanted stuff, which will eventually lie unworn in your closet.

2. Go for basics

It’s best advisable that while shopping in sales you should opt to buy timeless classic pieces which would not become outdated too soon. Sales already imply that the item has been worn by celebrities a few months back or has been on the rack for quite some time. So if you tend to pick up an ‘in’ groovy thing, there is a bleak chance you will wear it.

For example, you can try different denim styles at Zara or maybe a classic belt or a staple branded bag which will at least defy the test of times. A staple coat/blazer before winter would definitely be worth it.

3. Be calm and do not speed up

Take a breath and try on the clothes first. Usually, articles on sale have a few sizes available. So unless it is actually a good fit, do not be impulsive in buying.

I landed up buying a couple of jeans for my son in the sale without making him try them on. Unfortunately, two of them never fit him and are just dangling in the closet.

Make sure you buy just the right size. Do not keep repair or alterations in mind, howsoever, the minute they might be. A piece once bought might not look so chic after major alterations.

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4. Check on the refund/exchange policy

Once you plan to buy your clothes or accessories, do ask about the refunds or exchange validity. Usually, sale articles do not have any exchange policy for a simple reason that the store doesn’t want the piece oscillating back to the shelf. So make sure you are confident of the price, size and quality of the item.

5. This is not the end of the world

Due to severe competitions and fashion being a ‘fast’ world, brands have to keep updating their shelves too often. Consequently, sales are a bi-annual feature. Do not be driven by current sales and keep your temptations at bay because very soon there will another round of discounts flowing in.

Also, keep a track of all other policies like birthday/anniversary discounts and festive discounts of your favorite stores.

6. Contemplate before you pay

Having said those timeless classics are the best investment, make sure if you are buying an OTT item, what would you pair it with from your existing wardrobe? This will help you team it up and make it wearable.

Also, do a comparative analysis if you would actually have bought the item at its full price or is discount a factor driving your purchase. Contemplate the utility of the piece before grabbing in your hands.

Last words: It’s wise to keep a track of the sales notifications on your ‘wish list’, but do not be reckless in purchasing. Evaluate if the items you seek are worth the money, utilitarian and will thrive in the wardrobe for some time. Sales are becoming a round-the-clock feature, so don’t be hasty in getting the item off the rack into your closet. After all, that means you need to part away with your hard earned money.

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