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If you dine with other people, focus on making it a pleasant experience for everyone at the table. Get the advice from experts about Dinner Etiquett.

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    Dining Etiquette For Business

    Let Your Plate, Spoon, and Fork Speak for You when Dining for Business Meer

    What about your business meals? Have you ever worried about what to order, how to order and how to put forth the table manners? Be it a lunch or dinner with your client or business associate how you present yourself at the dining creates your impression and impacts your business relationships. The same applies to your relationship with your family and friends. Hence, dining table etiquette helps you refine your communication skills over the table while strengthening your confidence and self-esteem.

    Kohli provides one of its kind training program for impart learning of dining etiquette. In the program you learn about what to do at the dining table, how to behave over the table, choosing the right kind of utensil, understanding different dining styles, identifying table manners, and smoothening your business communication while dining.

    Menu Reading

    Why Should I learn to read menus? When I can simple ask the chef de rang the menu recommendations. Why should poulet saute florentine translate as chicken palak? Menu reading is necessary because pate de foie gras a la strassbourg is as important to a French client, as kalbsleber is to a German client. Menu reading also becomes important because cream of mushroom soup is read as Potage de champignon? True or False. With International cuisines becoming more visible on the global Fine Dining Restaurants, it becomes increasingly important to read and understand menus with International Terminologies.

    Table Manners

    Different countries, different table manners- A Person is perceived by the table manners he has. Eating with the right cutlery and knowing the P’s & Q’s of table manners are essential in today’s world. Besides cutlery, how to eat with your hands formally is a frequently asked question. Then there is a difference in domestic and international table manners, playing an integral role in determining the eating etiquette.

    Types of Cutlery

    Is fish knife held differently from the meat knife? For formal menus, different types of cutlery are required, but generally, menus have a setting of 2-3 types of cutlery on the table. What cutlery do I use for different kind of pastas, why does Sea-food require different forks and when are knives placed for dessert? These questions confuse a lot of us about different types of cutlery and their placement. However, knowing the right use of each cutlery is what makes your leaning an advantage to your business conversation.

    Types of Glasses

    Why should champagne not be served in a digestif glass, it is as good as comparing cold coffee being served in a tea cup. There are many types of glasses in the world and some beverages have 2-3 types of glasses for one particular beverage. It is very important to learn about various types of glasses used for specific purposes.


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