Have you got potential?

We often hear a parent/teacher say, “You have got the potential!” This means that the child has done a fair job but is capable of giving a much better performance.

Now, what is the exact meaning of potential which the child is able to comprehend? The dictionary meaning of potential is the latent quality or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. This clearly gives rise to these questions:

Are you actually utilizing your potential optimally?

Is there any scope of improvement with your innate abilities?

How will you come to know that there is an unutilized potential?

Charles Schulz rightly states, “There is a no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential”. You are working very hard and are keeping busy too, but there is always a scope of giving a better shot if you just harness your potential. You have the gifts and talents dormant which you are yet to manifest in action. Basically, you have the ability to pursue and conquer anything you put your mind to.

Let us analyze as to what hinders you to achieve the targets your heart sets and what holds you to put your potential to use.

1. Multi-tasking

Our mind has a list of impending tasks and just to stick to deadlines and be the best, we start doing many tasks at the same time. This simply robs you of your mental peace, creativity and potential and renders you wearisome and banal.

Let your creativity and potential bloom when you focus on one work single-mindedly. Do not be a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’.

2. Manage your time well

You do understand that each one of us has 365 days in a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. What is worth pondering is that with the same time resources why is one colleague able to do a better job than you? The reason is not rocket science. You need to manage your time effectively, prioritize what is important and what needs to be given more time. You need to focus and concentrate on the task giving your full potential with proper research and skills.

3. Learn a skill each day

You need to add value to your existing skill set by learning a new thing each day. It could be learning a new language, a new cooking recipe, attending a business seminar or maybe learning a new game with your child. Make each day a learning experience. The enthusiasm will then make you realize that there is abundant potential which has been underdeveloped till now. Every person has the seed of potential inside, but only a few people who understand and develop it can make it to the top.

Follow your heart’s calling and anything that you ever wanted to do, NOW is the time. No one is born with complete skills and talents. There is room for development when it comes to mental capabilities.

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4. Stop contemplating and just take a decision

Each one of us is embedded in our skills and talents and exposed to a plethora of choices. Your potential lies in just stop stalling over the choices and take a decision keeping in mind what you are actually meant to do. There is a possibility that you actually lose time just introspecting, but just take a call analyzing your potential. Implement your ideas without the fear of being judged. You need to find out not where you fit but where you are inclined to be. To move the world you need to move first.

Don’t be a mass of idle potential, staying in the comfort zone of the present. You have that extra potential, just let yourself roll out of the current comforts and give yourself a bigger push so that the potential energy is unleashed.

5. Assess your strengths and weaknesses

Make a flow chart by seeking the opinion of people who are likely to show you a true picture. Assess your strengths and weak points and understand what lies within you. Be receptive to the negative feedback about you. This forms the basis of planning the areas of development. Be humble yet maintain an accurate self-perception rather than a positive one.

Conclusion– Set higher and tougher goals for yourself. Don’t judge your performance comparing it with others. Rather set high self-goals and be an achiever. Once you understand your true inclination, assess your skills and weak areas and you will be able to perform better and be happy too. Anyone and everyone can win. Just be ready to unleash your actual potential.

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