In the personal and also professional field, maintaining a good reputation is related, fundamentally, with what impression you leave on others that decides whether they want to remain connected to you in future or not.

According to Sania Gupta, “the aspects that are perceived by others are those that can be controlled and worked upon to change them.”

Often associated with the personal brand- the attributes and positive qualities that you have and that others perceive of you- it is also what other people say about you when you are not present.

From a professional perspective creating a good impression is always desirable, just as in everyday life so that others interact with you knowing that you are a person to learn and trust.

Following are the seven steps:

  1. Build your image step-by-step– To create a winning impression, you need to articulate both your external and internal qualities. This begins with managing your communications well; observing the results; perceiving how others see you, and it also has to do with your intimate self-image: what you yourself think about you. If you are able to get expert feedback on this, you can possibly adjust things better.
  2. Fame is not equal to prestige– Another frequent confusion is that becoming famous brings you positive reputation. On the other hand, you are looked upon for having a good image and judged upon. Observe from where you want to position yourself.
  3. Choose to be recognized- Being all the time waiting to please others can transform you into another person. You will be someone who wants to satisfy the other, instead of starting with you. Instead, you can seek to be recognized as notable in your segment or activity, and, from there, acquire that vision of popularity that will be more consistent. For e.g., if you are a doctor, you would want someone to be impressed with your treatment rather than you looking as good as a model.
  4. Hire the best professionals- As we are not experts in everything, it will be necessary to have good professionals to accompany you in making the best possible impression. In disciplines such as communication, public relations, public speaking skills, the image consultants, coaches and media-trainers allow you to learn more and be better in this process.
  5. Work within yourself, not only in what you show The road to your personal and professional success is built on small steps and everyday gestures. It is not possible to do it by flaunting your looks or money, as many people think, stuck in their mediocrity. That’s why you need to work from within, to strengthen and project, from there, your best version.
  6. Be coherent and whole- These two values go hand in hand and are what will allow you and others to see you as a comprehensive and powerful. Remember: what you think, what you say and what you do must be in accordance as it is the basis of creating a good impression.
  7. Make periodic reviews of your image– Did you know that the cells of the tegument covering the body are renewed every 20 or 30 days? That means that throughout our lives we released skin around a thousand times. You must periodically check your image and your conscious work on internal and external image every six months. You should ask some questions to yourself to do this. Every coach or personality development trainer make you question about yourself. For example: In what way could you be more effective? How do you project your values to the world? These questions are good triggers.

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