Image consulting is the need of the hour. Whether you are a business professional, student or a homemaker, you have to be charismatic enough to be able to carve a niche in today’s competitive world. Projecting an imposing look in the first few seconds is mandatory for your image as opinion is formed in other person’s mind instantly. Whether you’ll nail it or lose it is contingent on your glimpse in the first few seconds of meeting someone!

How you look, how you walk and how you communicate is the most important aspect of your personality. Having said that, do you know most of the people around you are already seeking the help of professional image consultants to work on their appearance and behavior or even the corporate overhauling? However, do you think they have discussed all that you need to know? There are certain aspects which are yet not revealed. Here are a few points which will come to your aid if you wish to seek the help of an image counselor:

1.    Worth each penny

Did your friends tell you that the services provided by an image consultant (howsoever exorbitant they might sound) are worth each penny? Why do some of your counterparts get promoted easily though you are better qualified? Did someone tell you what the possible reason is?

The answer lies in behavior, appearance and mannerism which are the forte of an adroit image consultant. If you consult an image counselor, you will project a better image of yourself and climb the ladder of success with ease. Whether you are applying for admissions or a job interview or even pitching a new idea, the magnetism in your personality will draw success in your favor.

2.    Flexible

Did your peers just suggest what’s in vogue or what’s the latest fashion trend? But you seem uncomfortable in wearing that short dress or carrying that blazer to work. What is the solution?

A competent image consultant always guides you what to wear and when to wear keeping in mind what suits you as well as what makes you comfortable. They help you select and choose after prioritizing your inherent nature so that you can easily muster confidence.

3.    Affordable and budget-friendly

Each time you think of consulting an image counselor you step back thinking about the enormous expenditure involved in overhauling the wardrobe. However, you are not told that this is not the case.

An ingenious consultant will give you a variety of options where you can wear/team your existing pieces. They make you invest in timeless basics which can be paired differently for different occasions. They know about the right time and place to shop where you can avail best discounts and make sure you don’t dwindle away your resources shopping at higher prices. They know exactly what you need at the best affordable prices. Their expertise lies in creating a new wardrobe by using the existing pieces dexterously.

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4.    Corporate packages

You are facing severe competition and a slack in sales. You are wondering how your competitor is amassing wealth in slack season. Did anyone tell you the hidden reason?

The answer lies in seeking the help of an image consultant and initiating the corporate packages where the consultants build a striking outer look as well as inculcate irresistible inner corporate values which are sure to endear customers. The employees are trained in light of corporate goals; the logos and social media to appeal the visitors and the overall holistic development of the work culture are the main focus areas.

The Crux:

Changes in sales and business prospects are evident once you hire an image consultant. You see yourself in a positive light and emerge more confident to address the prospective customers and the boss. An image consultant sees your perspective and grooms you to overcome your inhibitions. With a chic wardrobe and dressing style along with improved communication skills, you will totally be a ‘new’ person ready to face the cut-throat competition and challenges. The inherent benefits of image consultancy are what no one will tell you about. You have to experience the dynamic evolution phase yourself!

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