“She is smarter and will nail it faster!”

“He is much more confident and dapper to take this up!”

“I don’t think I am quick-witted to manage this task!”

Have you ever faced such a similar crisis where you have undermined your confidence and capabilities just because you felt inferior a well turned out person? Why and how does undermining your own confidence come from?

We are all born unique with peculiar characteristics and qualities. As we grow, our parents, friends, siblings, acquaintances, knowingly or unknowingly, start using labels- ‘cute’, ‘chubby’, ‘healthy’, ‘fair’, ‘shy’, etc. These labels become inherent in our minds and we grow up to believe that we are what others perceive of us in terms of looks.

The irony is that a plethora of fairness creams and slim-fit tablet manufacturers thrive by cashing on these negative self-images we create and dwell upon it. Just because our mind tells us that we are not ‘good looking’ or ‘the perfect body’, we lose confidence in our working capacities and start sabotaging our willpower.

What happens due to a crippled self-image?

Your body shape or looks make you susceptible to criticism, makes you hypersensitive and you are never even ready to accept genuine compliments. You are left in a state of indecision usually and you even start distrusting yourself. All this takes a toll on your confidence and leaves you lurching at the threshold of depression and anxiety.

When people lose due to self-image, they resort to crash means of dieting, bulimia and anorexia, surviving on liquids just to reach a perfect number on weighing scale. Some even resort to strenuous misguided workouts leading to harm to the body. Did you just visualize severe addictions coming your way like excessive drinking or falling for uncalled vices?

Now listen carefully. Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type. It’s a state of mind. Stop rushing over and start living this life. Instead of harboring on what’s missing, start capitalizing on what you have and what you can do. You might cook better than the ‘hot’ neighborhood girl; you might be capable of making a much better presentation than ‘size-zero blonde’; you are capable of capturing better sales than the ‘stud’ across.

You need to shun this body make beliefs, move on to have an image-makeover and to be able to make better decisions to achieve your goals. “I am the best cheerleader and will cheer loud for myself” should be the motto. With a positive self-image, you can make better sales, be happy and be helpful to others, a contagious enthusiasm for life, and be a magnetic personality who attracts people. You will eventually muster an aura of power and authority which will aid in inspiring others too. You will have clarity of purpose and a firm commitment to worthwhile goals.

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How to gain a positive self-image and confidence?

Just follow few dictums for your image-makeover and you’ll see life and happiness swinging around you:

  • Stop emphasizing a number on weighing scale. Rather focus on a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ adage. Be regular with your workouts or walks and gain physical momentum. “Eat seasonal, healthy and foods that make you happy”, says Rujuta Diwekar, a celebrity diet planner. Do not starve and make fitness your ace goal for a sound mind.
  • Make your mind positive enough to break the ‘looks’ shackles and celebrate confidence. Physical appearance is not to be brooded over. Allow yourself to take pride in what your body can do. Start celebrating the energy and efficiency you have. Just wear a little makeup and adorn that ‘killer’ smile, trust me you are ready to crack a hell of a day. ‘Positivity begets positivity’ and be an attractive magnet.
  • Steer clear from fashion magazines or people who ‘label’. They create an unwanted negativity for self-image. “We spend hours on the perfect looks and make-up to be camera-ready”, confesses Sonam Kapoor, a leading actress in Bollywood. So you must understand that no one is perfect and everyone has flaws.
  • Think, introspect and reiterate every morning that you are the best and you will give your best. Start embracing your body and focus on adding skills to your kitty. Don’t just focus on being camera ready all the time.
  • Dress up smartly and half the battle is won. Don’t be in hanky-panky clothes at the office or home. Just wear a nicely ironed, crisp outfit that makes you look spick and span and feel comfortable too.

Just believe that ‘My strength lies in my individuality’.  At the end what really matters is how you see yourself. Just see yourself in the light of your talent and positivity and you are bound to break loose from the negative constraints around you.

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