What do you notice at the earliest when you see a person? What is that your mind reads before the person makes the first initial impression? Is the person carrying a resume with all the degrees and certificates in the neck? Obviously not. So the foremost impression is formed on the basis of what the person is wearing and how confidently he carries himself. It is the clothes which make the initial silent conversation and convey your ideology secretly. So even before you begin to exchange pleasantries, an opinion is drawn in the other person’s mind map.

It is entirely upon you whether you want a beautiful first impression or not. Do you know it takes barely 5 minutes to form the first burlesque in someone’s mind and is often indelible? So you must be careful about what you wear, how you team it up and the mannerism with which you meet and address a person. All this plays a significant role at work, in office, at social gatherings and even during online meetings. So there is no place where you can escape the magic of clothes and grooming.

The first impression is irreversible. The magic of clothing and grooming extends beyond domestic borders and plays a vital role all around the globe. Hence irrespective of whether the deal is domestic or global, you ought to dress well and present yourself with a manner which sweeps off the prospective client.

Browse through the following points highlighting the direct impact of clothes and grooming on your career and personality to understand the gravity of these:

1. Elevates confidence

The difference in the confidence when you are well-dressed v/s when not properly dressed can best be felt when you experience it. You suddenly feel like a boss when you wear a business suit. You suddenly feel more confident and are ready to face the audience or interview when you dress appropriately according to the occasion.

2. Higher inner self-esteem

When you are dressed properly, and you have confident communication skills coupled with perfect dining etiquettes, you will have and be able to project a perfect attitude. You will feel uber confident and will be able to showcase that confidence in your communication skills. Let that confidence ooze out of your body. All you have to do is dress up appropriately and get trained in the grooming lessons. You will rule the world!

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3. Creates a positive impression instantly

How others perceive you and the credibility they hold about you in their minds is majorly contingent on how you present yourself. If you walk straight and smartly in a room, you portray confidence and reliability. On the contrary, if you walk and dress up disheveled, you have already negated your chances of winning the prospective sales or job.

An efficient image consultant works on creating a positive extrinsic and intrinsic image so that you emerge a confident and self-assured person. You want to be heard and you want to make a statement. Let the clothes and mannerism do the needful while you work on creating novel ideas and plan. If your first impression is correct, half the job is done correctly. For the remaining half, you are just left to convince the other person of your ideas and thoughts. Isn’t that easy and well sorted?

Over to you:

How you walk, how you present yourself and how you look will all depend on your social etiquettes and attire. Groom yourself well to carve a niche suitably around the globe. After all, you don’t want to compromise on the prospective billion dollar deal or the prospective job interview! Your wardrobe, grooming, public speaking skills, business etiquettes and dining etiquettes are all intertwined aspects of personality which lead to confidence. Take no chance and let the best win!

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