Image Consulting: Career Choice for Women

Think about it- females are venturing into entrepreneurship, politics, digital marketing, space and technology. Which is the field that suits the women more from where they can easily juggle between professional and personal lives? The votes go to Image consulting hands down. This field of service is a booming industry where there are multiple options and it suits the best of women interests.

Image consultancy is a broader term comprising of dress-up improvement, communication skills, social etiquette, business etiquette and behavior. Women have an inherent knack for all these fields and a little grooming can easily make them professionals in the field where they can train and empower other people to carve a suitable image for themselves. Hence, this field is the most predominantly reckoned one to be chosen as a career for women these days.

Women have inborn multi-tasking capabilities and can handle each genre of image consulting competently. The so-called weaker section is now a major contributor to the economic growth and they know how to balance all the roles entrusted upon them. The female workforce is budding with young girls to married women and elderly ladies wanting to work for satisfaction and proving their mettle. Image consultancy comes as a natural choice as this industry deals with a myriad of industries like hospitality, aircraft, hotels, corporate agencies, retail segment, students, match seekers, job seekers and colleges. Each and every person needs to build on an enhanced image and thus, image consulting is spreading its wings and encouraging more women in opting for it as their career choice.

Let us read the myriad benefits that accrue if women opt for this multi-dollar industry as a career:

1. Income galore

The field of image consulting deals with a plethora of issues like communication skills, dealing with clothes and body type and all aspects of personality development. The income in this field has no fixed limit and can vary from Rs.1000 per hour to as much as Rs.10, 000 per session. The level of income is a sure attraction which makes this field lucrative.

2. Flexibility

What do women most wish for when they work? They want autonomy and flexibility as they need to juggle between home, kids and work. They are supposed to be omnipresent sometimes! Having said that the flexibility which image enhancement offers is predominantly one reason it is becoming the most sought-after career. You can work either full-time or part-time and fix meetings according to your schedule and convenience.

3. Less investment

Do you need a big corporate office or a qualified staff if you want to be an image consultant? The answer is simply a no. You can work from home, meet clients at their office, or even operate online from home. You really don’t need a plush office or a big corporate set-up to become an image consultant. The reason this field is drawing women to work as a consultant is pretty evident now.

4. Respectable profession

When women seek to step out of the threshold of the four domestic walls of the house, joining a reputed profession or job is the foremost criteria. Image consultancy is a safe career option which gives women respect and self-esteem. Hence with the fact that their own image shall seek enhancement while delivering quality enhancement to others, this career choice is definitely here to stay.

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5. No formal qualification required

Unlike other jobs, this profession doesn’t need any formal education qualification or a degree to start-up a career as an image consultant. You necessarily do not need to study as much as a doctor or chartered accountant or even a teacher. All you need to do is infuse in a sense of confidence and self-esteem in your clients and you need to be motivated for the same.

Last words- With women entrepreneurs on the rise, it is the call of the moment that they choose careers which offer entrepreneurship as well as flexibility and respect. The female consultants are, often, easier to deal with and they are one of the major reasons for inspiration to women who aspire to work and be self-dependant. Apart from running a house or contributing to the economy, women image consultants swear by the fulfillment they derive out of working as a consultant.

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