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An Overview of the image consultancy service in Punjab

Our ambition is to bring a positive change in the lives of people from different walks of life. The image consultancy in Punjab encompassed several aspects, including improving your individual skills and your ability to contribute to a team. We have dedicated departments in our finishing school for catering to schools, colleges and universities. The defined modules for our image consulting service in Punjab focus on the following points.

  • Time and Stress Management
  • Social Etiquette
  • Public Speaking
  • Handling Peer Pressure
  • Wardrobe Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Art of Creating First Impression
  • Grooming for Students & Adults
  • Power Dressing

Take a closer look at the image consultancy in Punjab

Time and stress management

The world runs on algorithms, and we must run like well-oiled machines to reach the very apex of the social pyramid. The primary skill required in this endeavour is the efficient management of time and stress. There is a famous maxim that time and tide wait for none. This saying has never been more relevant than in this current day and age, and with the extreme time constraints, there is also inherent stress. We have invested in a holistic course to help you organize your time effectively, and counter the stress of everyday life. This course will enable you to establish yourself in the long run.

Social etiquette

The first impression is always a lasting one, and unsurprisingly, you should be able to present the best version of yourself at every significant event. We have gained a reputation for being the best image consultant in Punjab for our carefully designed etiquette lessons. Each different scenario requires you to highlight your many various features. A job interview would require you to be on your best formal behaviour, while an informal party would require you to showcase your spontaneity. Our course is specifically designed to address such scenarios and help you solve your deficiencies in all these aspects.

Public Speaking

Public speaking has been a bane for students from secondary school to college level, and even for many young and experienced professionals alike. A core focus of our image consultancy service in Punjab is towards in remitting the cases of stage fright and stigma associated with public extempore. Often this difficulty comes from the inability to speak the English language with high fluency, and stuttering and slurring the words out of sheer anxiety. We aim to take an unconventional approach in increasing the confidence of the speakers with constant practice and gradually making them more comfortable with the English Language.

Handling Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has been one of the critical problems in hindering humans’ overall growth. It is more prevalent in modern society which has been built on the cornerstone cutthroat competition. Our wholesome module focuses on helping individuals focus on their well-being, and in helping our customers distinguish between genuine advice and possible hindrances to their ambitions. We have a panel of experts dedicated to solving problems related explicitly to peer-pressure issues as well.

Wardrobe Management

It has been reiterated numerous times that the first impression is most often the lasting expression. One key component of a lasting impression is your choice in your clothing. One of the features based on which we pride ourselves as the best image consultant in Punjab is our exclusive focus on Wardrobe Management. Whether it’s a job interview, an office party or a wedding, you always have to look the part of leaving a positive impression. Hence, we have a course dedicated to the various methodologies for dress selection in all scenarios, and every different body type. It will undoubtedly be an eye-opening experience for all sections of students alike.

These were a few headline modules of our image consultancy service in Punjab. To know more about our services, get a free consultation call today


Brief list of FAQs

How do I avail of the image consulting service in Punjab?

A: You can first sign up to a free consultation using our website. Based on the feedback of our expert consultant, you can then pick and choose in which modules you need to enrol. You can complete the final transaction on-site at our office

Is there any online-facility for distance learning?

A: Our image consultancy in Punjab doesn’t have an integrated online class program. However, if there is sufficient demand for it, we would be motivated to add dedicated online teachers and online classes in our portfolio

Explore the options in our image consultancy services in Ludhiana

We have decided to increase our outreach to the interested public by opening up a franchise of our first service in Ludhiana. Our image consultant in Ludhiana runs on the same basic principles as our parent service in Punjab and also runs courses with structures and quality comparable to the Punjab-based services.

Why sign up for our image consultancy services in Ludhiana?

Ludhiana is one of the hustling and bustling business hubs in Punjab and Haryana. It is the closest thing Punjab have to a Metropolis, and with the multitude of people, hailing from several different work environments and backgrounds. We feel that it is necessary to introduce these people in the art of self-grooming and image correction as these people stride into their formative years. This exercise will not only help them establish firm stead in their professional field but will give them the tools essential for developing a positive outlook on life’s nuances. IT will enable not only the personal growth of individuals but also a holistic growth in the different communities of people in and around Ludhiana.


How to enrol to our image consultancy services in Ludhiana?

We have a regional office set up in the suburbs of Ludhiana. You can enrol to our service via going to our local office and setting up a file on your name. Our receptionists would keep a record of the courses you have chosen explicitly if you intend to mix and match. You can confirm your enrolment by making the full payment at our registered bank.

Alternatively, you can also sign up for a free consultation call with our image consultant in Ludhiana to help you optimize the course structure to your needs, before registering to our service.

Will I receive any form of certification after completing the course?

The state and national education boards certify the course, and you will acquire valid certification. The certificate will state that you are mentally and psychologically evaluated to be fit for any professional field.

Our image consultancy in Moga

Moga is one of the up and coming business hubs in the state of Punjab. Many young professionals are flocking to this location as numerous education, and business enterprises have started opening up their offices in the sprawling grounds of this city. Naturally, one of our core expansion projects was to open up our image consultancy in Moga. In reaching out to the masses of young professional who yet to secure their positions, and to experienced heads who are looking to reinvent themselves, we seek to exert a positive influence on the society as a whole. This idea is our ultimate aim.


Why should you opt for an image consultancy service in Moga?

A: It has been reiterated numerous times that image consultancy has become a hugely necessary service in recent times. An increase in competition as a whole has also encouraged mechanical lifestyle. Students are hooked onto study material, class notes and whatnot in an attempt to be a frontrunner on the job market. However, in this mechanical exercise, they forget about their presentational skills, etiquette and other skills that are essential to excel in a work environment. We pride ourselves on being the best image consultant in Moga, because of our enhanced focus on these very aspects. A majority of people coming into Moga for work purposes and our services are tailor-made for them.

Is there any minimum qualification requirement for attending the image consultancy in Moga?

A: We have typically designed our courses to appeal to a new school and college graduates, who are looking to get into the professional regime. However, one of the reasons that make us the best image consultant in Moga is that we are quite flexible with our target audience. Recently we have introduced courses that help in obedience training of toddlers, and behaviour correction of insouciant adolescents as well. We also have intensive courses for experienced professionals who are looking to learn new skills or shift from one job sector to another. Our goal is to create a better society for the future, and hence out promise is to serve a diverse audience, of different ages, and from different walks of life.

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