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    Image Enhacement Training

    We are passionate about making difference by helping people to consciously alter their image for success. Our programs encompass wider aspects of individual traits and works by bringing about a positive change in men and women. We offer intensive finishing workshops for schools, colleges, universities and one on one session for individuals on various topics like:

    • Personal makeover
    • Image Analysis
    • Developing a new Image
    • Elevating your image to create a more polished & confident look

    Your appearance has a direct impact on how yow feel about yourself & how you are perceived by others. It’s your personal brand. Our programs are designed to make you feel authentic & confident about yourself so can enjoy your life the way you want.

    You can have anything you want in life
    if you dress for it, so be ready to enhance the change

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    Personal Consultation

    Each individual is unique with an eccentric personal style. We are adept at nurturing that uniqueness. We have a team of styling experts who will offer personal consultation and make you comfortable in the process of transforming your image….

    Corporate Training

    Your employees are the representatives of your company. Whatever they do, can affect directly to your organization. They are the mediators between you and your respectable clients. So, employee training is essential for the corporate sector…

    Institutional Training

    Due to the lack of attention and time, children usually become upset and disobedient. Parents generally are working and having hectic schedules nowadays. So it becomes hard for the children to live in a healthy environment. We make your child…

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is image consulting?

      It is a process of improvisation of an individual’s personality or appearance. Image consultants are hired by the people who want to become successful in their particular field by grooming their personality and looks through better dressing sense, proper wardrobe evaluation, etiquettes and confidence. This training process allows getting attention from everyone in your life because of your pleasant personality whether it is your boss, your friend, your colleague or your family person.

      Who is an image coach?

      Image coach is someone who caters all your needs regarding grooming. He is the trainer of improving your image in your professional as well as personal life. His responsibility includes etiquette training, behavioral training, appearance grooming and interpersonal skills training.

      What is Image Management?

      Image Management is a process of managing your looks and personality in front of others. It allows you to get proper control on yourself and your image to make a good impact on your companions and others.

      How Image Consultant Bhavdeep Kohli can help you?

      Because of her tremendous experience in the relevant profile, she has an appropriate knowledge about the issues of people whether it is personal, professional or social. That is the reason she understands your issues and can help you out to face the challenges and to win it. Her target area covers various aspects like stress management, self presentation, how to behave in difficult situations, etiquettes, soft skill training and much more. She is having guts for the same and ensures you to provide you a better life style.

      What all is covered in the Image enhancement sessions?

      Our session topics are designed for the various issues of an individual’s life. Whether it is personality issues or emotional issues. We covered all the topics because if you feel good then only you can look good. So, we develop a list which includes topics like time management, communication skills, body language, make over, right selection of clothes, wardrobe evaluation and much more.

      Are these sessions only for individuals?

      Nope, there are no such specific limitation criteria. We provide sessions to our corporate clients as well as individuals both.

      Who is this for?

      There are no such criteria of age and gender. Everyone can join and get polished through our services because we know that people of all ages, men and women are having challenges in their personal lives and are equally applicable to attain training for Image enhancement that is why all are invited to join us and achieve a fruitful life.

      How can it help me?

      You will have the answer to this question later on, after gaining proper training for your improvisation. When your training will be complete you will feel and experience a tremendous change in your personality and life. When you appear good and feel stress-free and have all the capabilities to tackle the situations that bring amazing self-confidence in you, then you will realize that how it become helpful for you.