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    Train The Trainer Program

    Schools offer the required food for the mind and the body to grow. They even offer a bit of character building but this is not enough to face the world. Thus in order to ensure the growth of a trainer’s or teacher’s character in entirety and give it the polish it requires, we at Kohli, as a reputed teacher training institute, offer train the trainer course in India which are primarily aimed at:

    • Personality development by way of leadership skills, communication
    • Development of cultural etiquettes
    • The ability to deal with social activities with panache

    Thus what we offer is essentially specific skills with the help of certain intense courses which when undertaken at the end of the school helps to complete the character building process which gets started at the school.

    Through our primary school teacher training session we helps teachers motivate their students to create and build interest in studies while helping them analyze their hidden talents and skills. These sessions entail teachers and mentors to help children increase their focus on their aims and goals.

    Our staff training and grooming sessions include multiple topics. Have a look at all the parameters:

    • Develop self confidence

    • Birthday Party Etiquette

    • Body language

    • Punctuality

    • Adaptability

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      What are the benefits that are
      ‘Train the Trainer’ program give you?

      There are many benefits that undergoing our programs will impart to the students. The fact that we have a bouquet of successful, confident and poised individuals straddling the world today proves the effectiveness of our courses. The curriculum is made in a way that it deals with the real requirements faced today and hence includes skills for:

      Confidence development:

      This is one of the foremost goals of all programs since lack of confidence prevents individuals from giving in their best and achieving peak performances. But with our programs, we aim to make one become self-assured and confident so that they are able to face all situations with aplomb.


      Self grooming has become an asset today when appearing for interviews has become akin to marketing one self. The better the wrapping, the higher is the value placed on the commodity today. Our finishing school courses are so made that they are able to smoothen the rough edges and convert an individual into a well-groomed person.


      Today everything is about presentation. Just as self-grooming helps to bring out the much more presentable outer self of an individual, public speaking helps to showcase his soft skills. Our presentation development classes thus help to provide teachers, trainers, and mentors of various educational institutes with better communicative skills, group discussion skills, and presentation skills so that they are able to perform better both in their careers and workplaces.

      Business etiquettes:

      Entering the corporate world makes an individual face a lot of unique challenges. Our instructors, many of whom are from the corporate background, have come up with a course which is aimed at making all our students competent in business etiquettes. With the use of presentations, both audio and video, real world case studies and mock group discussion sessions, we aim at inculcating proper business etiquettes so that the same can be instilled further.

      Social manners:

      Most social functions, professional dos and family get together require a person to exhibit certain social etiquettes like grace, poise, charm etc. Our courses on social manners and social etiquette learning help to provide our learners with just the right amount of social graces so that they are accepted and even praised at all functions, parties and get together that they attend.

      Thus it would not be wrong to say that when we teachers, mentors or school staff avail our courses, they become well equipped to handle any situation or challenge that students throws at them. Our programs thoroughly grooms them in a way that they have the correct balance of confidence and self-esteem and the social, mental and physical graces to create quite an impression on others. In short we polish them to spread their glitter and shine in a way that they are able to dazzle their way through life.