Are etiquette or good manners a terminology reminding us of bygone school days or a thing of remote past? In the fast-moving competitive world, you may even ignore the relevance of etiquette or good behavior.

Is mannerism only relevant to school children to be taught in moral science or value education period? Or is it relevant for all age groups at all times? Yes, the competitive world demands each individual and business house to exhibit and incorporate good manners, politeness and moral virtues in their character and manifesto.

By definition, etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. This clearly signifies that professionalism along with courteous behavior is what the society looks forward to. You may be a man with a high bank balance or an abundance of knowledge. However, what helps you carve a beautiful, magnetic impression in the mind of the other person is your chivalrous attitude and politeness in mannerism. It takes just a few seconds for any person to form an impression about you. So thoughtfulness and a socially amicable behavior are required in all walks of daily life.

There isn’t any specific listed set of etiquettes for any age group. These are the general behavior guidelines which you should follow in a way you would like the other person to adhere to while dealing with you. A firm handshake, a greeting with a smile, using the basic ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘please’, mobile phone manners, dining etiquettes, etc. encompass etiquettes.

You may wonder as to what are the benefits of being nice and trying to appease others. The answer lies that you must ‘practice what you preach’. Right from being polite at home, to being courteous at work and generous at social gatherings; you need to give your best at all times. Here are a couple of inherent benefits that accrue when you exhibit the best of behavior:

1.    Improves your personality

Etiquette refurbishes and brings out your gleaming personality. A person with an affable charm and mannerism is always liked by everyone. The society is likely to embrace a person with pleasing manners and grooming. ‘What you sow, so shall you reap’ can aptly be quoted here because if you adhere to good manners, you will pass them to future generations and make a difference to the world at large.

2.    Enriched relationships

You will improve and maintain harmonious relationships with everyone if you respect others and behave politely with all. You will never experience bitterness in any relation- be it with your spouse, friends or children or be it with your boss. You will be treated with respect and dignity if you treat others with socially acceptable mannerism.

3.    Better professional progress

If you are a person with good conduct, you will climb the corporate ladder smoothly. You will be the bosses’ apple of the eye and you will definitely be trusted and considered reliable. A foul-mouthed person is likely to be loathed by all and the chances of acing up the corporate ladder get tougher. If you are helpful, polite and adhere to the basic mannerisms, the word-of-mouth will be enough to make you a star at the workplace. Not just the boss, but even the co-workers will be fond of you as you will be considered dependable and bankable.

4.    Confidence at its peak

Good manners will be a win-win situation, both for you and the person you are dealing with. The mannerism and magnetic personality you acquire will fetch you positive vibes which will definitely be a boon to your personality. You will emerge more confident and outspoken because you have already carved a niche in everyone’s heart because of your charming and helpful behavior.

The Crux-

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