PART – 1

Are etiquette or good manners a terminology reminding us of bygone school days or a thing of remote past? In the fast-moving competitive world, you may even ignore the relevance of etiquette or good behavior.

Is mannerism only relevant to school children to be taught in moral science or value education period? Or is it relevant for all age groups at all times? Yes, the competitive world demands each individual and business house to exhibit and incorporate good manners, politeness and moral virtues in their character and manifesto.

By definition, etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. This clearly signifies that professionalism along with courteous behavior is what the society looks forward to. You may be a man with a high bank balance or an abundance of knowledge. However, what helps you carve a beautiful, magnetic impression in the mind of the other person is your chivalrous attitude and politeness in mannerism. It takes just a few seconds for any person to form an impression about you. So thoughtfulness and a socially amicable behavior are required in all walks of daily life.

There isn’t any specific listed set of etiquettes for any age group. These are the general behavior guidelines which you should follow in a way you would like the other person to adhere to while dealing with you. A firm handshake, a greeting with a smile, using the basic ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘please’, mobile phone manners, dining etiquettes, etc. encompass etiquettes.

You may wonder as to what are the benefits of being nice and trying to appease others. The answer lies that you must ‘practice what you preach’. Right from being polite at home, to being courteous at work and generous at social gatherings; you need to give your best at all times. Here are a couple of inherent benefits that accrue when you exhibit the best of behavior:

1.    Improves your personality

Etiquette refurbishes and brings out your gleaming personality. A person with an affable charm and mannerism is always liked by everyone. The society is likely to embrace a person with pleasing manners and grooming. ‘What you sow, so shall you reap’ can aptly be quoted here because if you adhere to good manners, you will pass them to future generations and make a difference to the world at large.

2.    Enriched relationships

You will improve and maintain harmonious relationships with everyone if you respect others and behave politely with all. You will never experience bitterness in any relation- be it with your spouse, friends or children or be it with your boss. You will be treated with respect and dignity if you treat others with socially acceptable mannerism.

3.    Better professional progress

If you are a person with good conduct, you will climb the corporate ladder smoothly. You will be the bosses’ apple of the eye and you will definitely be trusted and considered reliable. A foul-mouthed person is likely to be loathed by all and the chances of acing up the corporate ladder get tougher. If you are helpful, polite and adhere to the basic mannerisms, the word-of-mouth will be enough to make you a star at the workplace. Not just the boss, but even the co-workers will be fond of you as you will be considered dependable and bankable.

4.    Confidence at its peak

Good manners will be a win-win situation, both for you and the person you are dealing with. The mannerism and magnetic personality you acquire will fetch you positive vibes which will definitely be a boon to your personality. You will emerge more confident and outspoken because you have already carved a niche in everyone’s heart because of your charming and helpful behavior.

The Crux-

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PART – 2

Is etiquette important in our daily life?

 As simple as an atom, etiquette gives you the base in a gathering. It is a set of behavioral standards which reflects who you are. Earned the trend mark since Victorian times to the 21st century, have a look on why and how it is important in our daily life.

What is etiquette?

Philip Stanhope made a tremendous wave in the mid 18th century with the first usage of etiquette in his book ‘Letters to his son’. Derived from the French word ‘estique’ meaning to attach or stick the very popular ‘etiquette’ makes all the sense. Basically it is the set of rules for a better living.

  In a nutshell, etiquette gives a crisp and clear idea on personal behavior. It is nothing but an ethical code that has a perfect line between acceptable and unacceptable habits or practices. Usually it is observed by a society or a class or a group. Wherever it is, the prime motive is well mannered.

  The fun fact is that this code is not written over any papers on the universe, but is accepted throughout to soothe social interactions! We are all racing up in a computerized world and today etiquette is somewhat more important than it were in Victorian times. Also, it is very important not to mix up unfair rules with etiquette.


Difference between etiquette and good manners

 On a power note, etiquette is the rule which applies to a particular situation whereas manners are more general guidelines that we follow. Manners are simply a self reflecting mirror which shows how beautiful you are inside and they don’t change occasionally. On the other side, etiquettes vary with a nation’s culture and one must learn how to be adaptable regarding this.

 We can encapsulate the difference of both as manners are one’s mindset he follows throughout whereas etiquette is a safeguard for a better position in dealing situations. One who amalgamate manners and etiquette will always be on top of his own better version.


Pillars of etiquette

 a)Patience : What is more beautiful than suppressing one’s own anger? It is in a way preventing several harms and which in turn helps us to learn the fabulous art of being tolerant. Also, it prevents the soul from being imprudent dancing over an instant moment.

 b)Virtue : It enables the inner strength to stay away from sins. The wonderful play of it is that it instills an amount of shyness which helps one from lying and backbiting. Literally an avert from digging into other’s life.

 c)Courage : The super power which holds head high. It aids in maintaining ultra high standards of etiquette. Courage doesn’t mean mere physical strength, it is also the power of the soul to donate and care for others. It is the power of the soul to give up and clear a conflict arising situation. It is the power of the soul to forgive and forget.

 d)Justness : To be fair in all situations, to be fair with everyone is something worth appreciable. Being just takes the middle of two tough lanes and choosing wisely. Justness simply allows you to be generous and be courageous at the same time.


Why is etiquette important?

 Etiquette makes everything easy, instead of raising complications. Not just everything, it makes every life problem easier. Here what actually matters is the perspective. Having in mind of how to behave in a particular situation and acting accordingly helps us focus fully.

 To be successful, not even in scary dreams, has the synonym of building an impudent empire, rather it sparkles with kindness and respect to others. It is about being polite. It is about being integral. It is indeed an University where it shapes every man a gentleman. It helps us to know how to treat others in different environments. Etiquette is not about molding a perfect human, instead it throws light on how to be a comfort human. Tasting the beautiful essence of humility and compassion, it upgrades life skills.


Need for etiquette

Who loves not to leave a mark wherever you go? And etiquette is the master of them. It clearly gives you lessons on how to talk and even walk , but first how to behave in the middle of a crowd. The way you interact with peers is something that sculptures an overview of yourself. Etiquette is the gemstone which helps you give and take respect and love at the same time. It binds trust and loyalty in relationships, at the same time it carves you to be both responsible and mature.


Types of etiquette

Social etiquette- First and most important trait as it helps to behave in the society. It is something which defines yours’ self.

Bathroom etiquette-To leave a public restroom tidy is golden. It portrays your cleanliness to the outside world.

Telephone etiquette- Unique style one maintains over a meeting is self descriptive. Grasp the ability to listen to others as well to convince what is your mind.

Eating etiquette- Always keep in mind the rest of the human eating in a public. Don’t let them have a feel of  running from the spot. Avoiding the chewing sound itself helps others a lot.

Business etiquette- Running a profitable business without cheating customers is what it means in short.


Importance of etiquette in our daily life

In a race for money, completely lost in the world of technology, you feel etiquette is old- fashioned. There you went wrong, of not experiencing the alluring art of etiquette. Or are you shrank in the thought that manners are meant for school and kids?

But oh son! The current world manifesto is deeply fond of etiquette and without which you can’t survive. You have no idea of the wonders a mere ‘thank you’ can do. By definition, etiquette is a behavioral code set for the well being of society. This clearly depicts how high bank balance falls before a man with a bright heart.

 Your magical behavior can be a magnetic impression in times. At the end of the day, your arrogance can’t do wonders, whereas your kind words can give you a peaceful sleep. You may have zero idea of a person’s struggles and the etiquette you follow can be angelic hands before them. So yeah, without a double thought, we assure you that etiquette is important in our daily life.

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