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Power dressing

In any corporate institution, you need to portray yourself as a business-savvy person and exude confidence at your every step. Dressing in the proper attire is key to expressing yourself as an influential person in the office, and also for impressing your potential clients. Crucial deals are made or broken based on the vibes that you give out, and hence it is necessary to mediate that through proper training.

Dining etiquette

Dining etiquette is an essential personality trait for people from every walk of life. Whether it be a family gathering, a date with your significant other, or a celebration after closing a deal, your table manners reflect many traits regarding your personality. It is necessary to always maintain a proper stature in every situation, and our soft skills training in Punjab specializes in reinforcing this etiquette with appropriate training.

Business etiquette

Business etiquette can be thought of like the unwritten code of conduct for professionals in his or her professional workspace. These are a few rules and regulations that have been ingrained in the community to honor, respect, and encourage cooperation between colleagues. Our image consultancy in Punjab is set up to aid young professionals in delving into the job market and acquiring such specific skills.

Social etiquette

Similar to business etiquette, a social protocol consists of the unwritten constructs that society has created through time. Humans being self-proclaimed social animals and continually engaging in some form of social interaction. A code of conduct has to be followed for the communication to not turn sour or malicious for either party. Our image consultancy services in Ludhiana specializes in teaching the foundations of social etiquette through scientific methods.

Personality development

Our course as a whole is dedicated to addressing your inherent issues and improve your personality in the process. The process involves intensive training that will enable you to showcase your talents and pursue any endeavor with full vigor. Our exercises will focus on enhancing your confidence, such that you can express yourself to the fullest, and towards getting rid of your social and personal anxieties to maximize your productivity.

Public speaking classes

Proficiency in public speaking is an integral part of your personality development. Most people are not trained from their childhood to take part in debates, elocutions, and public performances, with the onus very much on garnering bookish knowledge. The public speaking module for our soft skills training in Punjab focuses on driving out the fear of public speaking and instilling confidence, which will be serving you well at any event.

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An Exclusive Soft Skills Training and Image Consulting Institute