You’ll be surprised at the novel discovery that your image consultant is not just talking about clothes and color coordination!

The horizon of image consultancy extends beyond looks and encapsulates the business image and corporate profile image too. Your ideology should reflect on your company’s logo, e-mails and the attitude of employees. An image consultant works on the extrinsic and intrinsic perspective of how your business is reflected to the outside world. Since the world is shrinking into a global well-knit unit, your online appearances, as well as your employees, portray your sales and customer policies with their attitude.

The role of an image consultant is to modify and rectify the policies so that they appear congenial to a prospective client. This will require minor or major changes in the business strategies to align them with the basic corporate goals.

You want a home appliance and you surf the options on Google sitting at home. How do you shortlist the product or the brand or the company? Your choice is contingent on the brand value and magnetism of the company website. Who makes it user-friendly and pleasant to lure customers? This is where an image consultant steps in. Here are a few changes your business is likely to envisage with the aid of an image consultant:

1. Animated staff

Your staff will be trained from grass root level to be highly energetic and effervescent. The lackluster response and the casual attitude would be done away with. For this, you’ll be required to enroll your staff for grooming programs so that the value system is imbibed in them. The infectious energy will be magnetic enough to attract prospective clients and retain the old ones.

2. Anger management policies

The image consultant deals with anger management so that the staff is well equipped to deal with customers invoking expletives. You and the staff will be taught how to calm down the client rather than replying back in the same tone. The relevance of this soft skill cannot be undermined.

3. Website changes

Adroit image consultants work on giving a refined look to the website to make it more detailed and user-friendly. The introduction of keywords will lead to better results in SEO. The image consultants make sure that company has an exemplary introductory appearance.

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4. Uniformity in the mailing pattern

The image consultant works on the e-mails which are the foremost medium of contact with the client. Right from the salesman to the person who is responsible for sending emails to clients and dealers are trained to follow a uniform format and tone of replying to an e-mail. This ensures that the company has a professional outlook in dealing with the smallest of queries and harps on credibility and reliability.

5. Dress code

Depending on the nature of the product and the genre of the company you are in, a uniform dress code will be applicable. The dressing sense of the boss and the employees speak volumes about the company culture and lends an aesthetic sense to the company. For example, a business suit will be introduced in an IT based company. However, if you are a company dealing with the fashion statement a dress code of smart formals will be applicable. Your outward appearance speaks sentences about your ideology much before you start the actual negotiations.

6. Congenial work atmosphere

Image consultants deal with how employees should treat their colleagues. The language and body language which the employees use while in office is very important. Various workshops are conducted to deal with stress management, glass ceilings and sexual policies which make the workplace conducive to the policies of the company.

Last words: An image consultant works on the overall holistic outlook of the company. There will be a sea change in the attitude of the staff and consequently in the attitude of clients towards the company. With the proper implementation and execution of the changes in business strategies, you will go a long way in etching a brand value for your company.

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