Have you ever felt nervous in important situations?

Have you faced problem in negotiating deals and closing sales?

Have you applied for several interviews and are still awaiting the response?

The answer to all these traumatic situations lies with the image quotient of your personality.

You may wonder that EQ means Emotional Quotient which deals with emotions of a person or IQ means Intellectual Quotient which deals with human intelligence are relatively heard of terms.

But, what is image quotient and why do you need to assess it? The term image quotient means an analysis and in-depth study of the personality and the overall image of an individual.

The reason to get your image quotient analyzed lies straight in the fact that your image and the appearance are the first traits to make a statement even before you get a chance to show your IQ and intelligence. If you are impressive in the first look, nearly half your deals are done right. The first impression holds paramount relevance as it is the indelible ‘first impression you create‘ which is long lasting and generally irreversible. You might be very intelligent and eligible to crack the interview or encash the prospective deal but if your outward appearance and mannerism aren’t in sync with your ideas, you’ll land up hearing in negative from the prospective client.

The analysis of image quotient has various parameters. Check each one carefully and assess your weak points where you need to seek the help of professional image clients.

  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What do others perceive about you?
  • What is it that holds you back from being confident?
  • Have you ever been nervous addressing new faces?
  • Have your deals ever faced rejections even after reaching 99% optimism level?
  • Have you ever been nervous at social gatherings?
  • How strong are your networking skills?
  • Can you easily convince people?
  • Are you easily able to impress people?
  • Do you feel you get a chance lesser than non-deserving candidates at the office?
  • Have you been experiencing emotional highs and lows frequently?
  • Do you generally lose your temper in conflict situations?
  • Do you justify and represent your position well?
  • Do you feel nervous dealing with your boss or spouse or colleague?

A comparative analysis of all these factors gives you a closer introspection of your personality, the lacunas it has and the ways you can overcome your fears. To put your best foot forward and make sure the returns are proportionate to the hard work, this personality perusal is crucial in today’s time, especially when you are dealing with people all across the globe. You need to make a style statement and an everlasting positive impression so that you can win in this era of fierce competition. Here are some benefits which you are likely to accrue by seeking an image quotient audit:

  1. You become a problem solver if you scrutinize your inner self. If you master the art of communication and public speaking, your problem-solving skills upgrade automatically. People will seek your help and you will be deemed a problem resolver for personal and professional traumas.
  2. You will have enhanced communication skills and increased confidence. You will have no fear of addressing your employees or motivating your colleagues. You will also be adept in closing the prospective deals at favorable quotations.
  3. Your inner-self and what you think about yourself will improve highly. Your self-esteem gets a boost and that reflects in your personality. Half your problems come into existence because of self-doubt and negativity.
  4. Your online image is the most important thing in the era of digitalization and this image is highlighted once you seek professional image consultancy assistance.
  5. You need to improvise your personal brand and this is beneficial in portraying a befitting image of you, both at personal and professional fronts. Image quotient enhances your personal brand.
  6. Your soft skills will get a boost and revved up soft skills like leadership, team management, time management and communication are the essential tools of a successful person.

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Think about it-

The image consultancy isn’t the prerogative of the rich or aristocrats anymore. Each one of us needs a refined image to be a successful person. A thorough audit of image quotient is the first step towards diagnosing the lacuna areas and then perfecting the style quotient, soft skills and communication skills. Be confident and the world will be yours and you will definitely rule the world!

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