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We specialise in offering customized soft skills training programs and behavioral skills training programs that suit your business needs.

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    Soft Skills Training

    Soft skills training has become a major concern for all corporate companies. The kind of training works on the parameters of all personality traits and characters with a mission to increase the interaction effectiveness with others. This is not restricted to professional benefits but all personal areas of life.

    What is Soft Skills Training?

    Corporate Soft Skills Training is also known as personal image enhancement that combines a complete package of interpersonal, social, and communication skill training to ensure accomplishment of professional as well as personal goals.

    This type of training is undertaken by soft skill training institute by any known soft skills trainer or consultant. This is mainly to empower the middle and high management levels of an organization. This in turn works to improve your IQ, helps take influential decisions, and manage various areas of specific business with increased efficiency.

    What does Kohli Soft Skills Development Training Offer?

    Kohli Finishing School as a reputed soft skills training company in India provides the best program and course for personal development and growth. The methodology and approach we use for our sessions works in accordance to the needs and objectives of the company and how well our employees adapt to the working environment. Having a deeper understanding of the soft skills and each employee and then working to identify the character, skills and knowledge to create a difference.

    To ensure that all the sessions go smoothly with wisdom, we have the best soft skill trainers on board who have all the knowledge of knowing and understanding human behavior. They are also well-versed with practical hands-on-experience of judging how soft skills empower and leverage the business benefits.

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      Why Opt for Soft Skills Training?

      The course allows you to refine your soft skills and get ahead of the business competition which becomes instrumental in your success. Sharing all experiences and sharpening the personal traits help you move ahead with confidence in the corporate sector.  The learning becomes more specific with right knowledge of:

      • What is soft skills?
      • How to change customer’s mindset?
      • How to effectively manage time resources?
      • How to sharpen leadership skills?
      • How to focus on business improvement?
      • Etiquette required for corporate success

      How will Important Soft Skills Help You?

      The important skills under the program include:

      Goal Setting

      Setting your own goals with self-analysis and determination.
      Negotiation Skills

      Negotiation Skills

      Planning, strategizing, and emotion control ability to persuade customers.
      Team Management

      Team Management

      Team leading and managing with the right perspective to reach organizational goals.
      Motivational Skills

      Motivational Skills

      Determination and passion to accomplish collaborative activities.
      Body Language

      Body Language

      Body language skills play an integral role in business communication soft skill training.
      Customer Service Skills

      Customer Service Skills

      How to handle customers and make them happy and satisfied is also an important part of imparting the best soft skills training.
      Selling Skills

      Selling Skills

      Sales skills help convert prospects to
      customers with ease.
      Presentation Skills

      Presentation Skills

      Making and delivering presentations with confidence helps create the first impression.

      Interview Skills

      Training on interview skills keep you confident and updated for all organizational processes.
      Transactional Analysis

      Transactional Analysis

      Evaluation of human behavior in any sort of professional and personal relationship.