Styling and Personal Shopping

styling and personal

‘Styling is not for the celebrities anymore.’

Be it a casual dinner or a red carpet event; help us to make you look crowd apart and brim with compliments. We offer personal shopping of wardrobe and accessories for men and women to give you that extra edge. What suits your body type, what will compliment your skin tone and what will make you look exceptional at the event is under our jurisdiction. For any event like a dinner date, photo shoot, casual or formal party, family get-together or a big topnotch event, our stylists are gung-ho in creating a perfect look for you.

Are you too busy to shop or hunt for a particular dress roaming various places? Leave that to us. We assist clients in what they wish to wear, we hunt for pieces that will be outstanding and we help in online shopping selections. A look at our various sections will give you an idea of how meticulous our analysis is:

  • Figure type analysis
  • Budget configuration
  • Event analysis
  • Color coordination
  • Skin tone analysis
  • Style assessment

‘Let us spoil you for choices’.


Always feel free to contact with us. We are open to discuss with you.