You have just had an encounter with a beautiful face, donning a pleasant smile, wearing a swanky business suit, but Phew! You suddenly back off seeing the flat ballerinas.

Now imagine the same lady carrying herself with poise and charm in voguish heels. Aren’t you taken away by the mannerism and charisma?

High heels are one of the staple pathways to make you stand tall and appear boss-like. You’ll definitely be heard and obeyed with your commands; you’ll be taken seriously and you’ll be able to make any potential conquest just a cakewalk. Heels let you keep your head and standards high. Celebrity Meg Ryan emphasizes the relevance of heels, “When I wear high heels I have a great vocabulary and I speak in paragraphs. I’m more eloquent. I plan to wear them more often”.

However, there are myths attached that high heels cause back pain or blisters and sore feet. If you intend to stand tall and make a statement, read on and you’ll discover the way to walk effortlessly in high heels.

1. Settle only for the right fit

You are likely to be tempted by the color or the brand you wish to buy. But do not get carried away till the pair fits like Cinderella’s shoes. In order to be able to flaunt it all day long, they ought to be the right size and comfortable.

You can request for a shoe insert or a cushion inside which makes it sport able for the whole day. Do not buy impulsively if there are sales going on or your favorite brand is easily accessible.

2. Workout and exercise

The relevance of workout in form of gym, Pilates or yoga cannot be undermined to give you strong and strengthened core muscles. You need to exercise regularly to be able to have a strong back and core muscles which can let you wear heels without any pain.

3. Body posture

To be able to endure heels, you have to emphasize on a straight back, chin up and engaged abdominal muscles. With a correct posture, you’ll look smarter and wear them for long.

If you are a beginner, it’s best advisable to practice at home wearing the heels and carrying a book on the head and walk straight to the other end of the room. This kind of practice will make you walk like a pro.

Moreover, do not walk like a robot. Just let your arms and neck sway freely.

4. Word of caution

No matter how adept you are at wearing heels or you are just a beginner; beware of cracked or uneven floor. You do not want to topple over and get a fracture. Also while climbing stairs, keep to the side of the railing as a support.

If you are beginner take steady and slow steps. Do not aim at salsa or running right now.

Apart from this, you can begin this journey to stand apart with platform heels or wedges or kitten heels. Once you master the art of walking in these, you can switch to 4 inches heel easily.

5. Shoe and feet care

Like you take care of all your assets, even this humble pair of heels which you adorn the whole day deserves special care. Opt to get the heel changed every four to six months. You should dust and wipe them with clean cloth and pack in cloth bags each time you put it out of use to retain the sheen.

Let your weary feet relax and immerse them in warm sea salt water for a while to rejuvenate at the end of the day.

Last words:

You can seek the help of a professional image consultant to answer your queries like which heel to wear with skirt/pants? How many pairs should you own to enter the league? Should you color coordinate or color block heels with the attire? Should it be a brand or no brand?

All you need is confidence, a gleaming smile and a pair of stunning heels to conquer your day, impress the boss and catch on your potential clients. As Eva Green quotes, ‘Life is too short to wear high heels’.

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