Just look at a person or his virtual profile picture on LinkedIn, haven’t you made an opinion right away? In the fast moving era of cut-throat competition, image and the face of the company play a significant role. How you look or how you portray the company’s policies make a quick irreversible image in the mind of the customer.

Gone is the age when a company’s competitor was the local vendor or a local company selling the same product. In the phase of digitalization, the whole web is your competitor and this necessitates the portrayal of the right image.

Now you must be wondering that with lesser profit margins, higher costs and incessantly increasing laws, why should you inculcate a hefty image consultant cost and add to the company’s overall costs? The role of an image consultant is indefatigable and cannot be denied.

Having image enhancement workshops is a dual process- it improves the employee morale towards the company and also gives the company an incredible niche to stand out.

Can you imagine Jack Ma or Anil Ambani in a casual T-shirt and jeans to a corporate meeting? Have you wondered why big honchos look so powerful and have an aura around them? Don’t you appreciate the smart looks that celebrities or business tycoons carry? All this is as a result of image consulting workshops and training that their companies conduct on a regular basis for their employees.

Natalie Vodianova says, “My appearance gave me access to a particular kind of world and I’m really grateful for it”. With regular workshops, the employees are motivated and benefit on personal fronts too. Following is a list of merits of image development workshop to employees:

  • Image enhancement workshops help employees dress up and communicate in a professional manner in sync with the corporate image.
  • A drastic improvement in self-esteem and self-perceptions makes them confident for any impending challenges.
  • These workshops open up more avenues for personal and professional development for the employees and help them escalate the corporate ladder.
  • The employees start trusting the company policies and look for growth within the company. This reduces the high labor turnover rates too.
  • Improved teamwork, unity and professional effectiveness are a direct consequence of image development workshops.
  • These workshops definitely help the new employees orient better to the company culture.

The company will definitely want to hire and retain employees with better self-esteem and the ones who make a better presentation of the company image. The corporate image enhancement workshops deal with a host of arenas like business dressing, grooming and personal hygiene for employees, presentation and selling skills, customer service skills, time management, effective conflict management and stress management and team motivation skills. All these skills make employees an indispensable part of the company.

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The corporate image enhancement workshop would directly benefit the company too. It leads to a strong corporate image and identity which reflects as a positive company brand to the outside world. Potential clients find a positive company image much more attractive and are more likely to believe in the product. Companies have seen an upsurge in the profitability with confident personnel who represent the right face of a corporate image after the workshops. Moreover, when there is consistency between the employee personal image and the company image, it’s definitely a win-win situation for the company and its employees.

What really improves after image enhancement workshops is the definition which tells the clients who and what the business represents, a new and engaging corporate brand, an image which is congruent to client’s perspective and launches a platform to communicate the product message to the world.

Some Final Words

When the leaders overlook certain habits which tarnish their perceived image to the world, image consultants step in and work on enhancing the overall image and brand portfolio. Employees are equipped to face the clients with a higher self-esteem and effective communication skills. Smartly dressed this workforce is then able to leave a long and lasting impression on the clients and prospective customers. Image consulting workshops aim at a comprehensive training program for employees and leaders at all hierarchical levels to give the company sharpened image.

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