Image consultancy is one of the most sought-after professions in this age of cut-throat competition, dynamism and the digital revolution. Moreover, with the advent of females in the workforce, this career has seen an upsurge with more of the women workforce joining this alluring career. All you have to do is improve upon the dressing style, mannerism, social behavior, workplace conduct and communication skills of your clients. Some individual or corporate clients have started seeking digital makeover as well.

Is it worth being an image makeover artist? Yes, with the flexibility in workplace dynamics to flexible working hours, options like full-time or part-time being easily available and a hefty remuneration, this career is here to stay for ages. Now you may wonder what would be the technical requirements to be a good image consultant. There aren’t too many specifications or formal education degrees needed to be an image consultant. Hence opting for this career is even more feasible. However, to be a remarkable image consultant, browse through the following headers to be able to learn image consulting effectively:

1. Technical skills requisite

Fortunately, there is no mandatory education or degrees that are required to be an image consultant. However, to pursue it professionally, it is recommended to acquire some skills and know-how through certified workshops or adept professionals in the field. The certificates you get in the process will accentuate your credibility and make your resume impactful.

Apart from this, the formal training you get might lead you to campus placements, to begin with. They will also render the useful information you need to be a professional in the true sense.

2. Assess the market

Before you jump into being a professional, spend some time assessing the competition and the types of clients that come along with the needs each one has. This will give you a fair idea of how the market works, what is the level of competition in your region and if at all, you need to relocate your workplace.

Market research will also give you a glimpse of what specifications would work better for you. In case there aren’t many personal development coaches you can be one. Else you can choose to be a public speaking coach, personal coach, wardrobe stylist, body language expert, etiquette consultant or maybe a lifestyle development coach. You will be able to derive effective cues based on your market research.

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3. Specialization and skills

To be a famous result oriented image consultant, you need to understand your potential and compare it with the specialization you wish to pick. To be a client-based consultant, you need to rev up your communication skills, color theory, body line theory, psychology, leadership and public speaking skills. For a corporate –level image consultant, you need to brush up social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO knowledge, business administration and communication skills. These skills will be the basis for your grooming. Once you hone these skills, you will be an effective image consultant. Choose your forte keeping in mind the skills required and compare it with the skills you already inherit.

4. Training and internship

Once you choose your area of specialization, it would be advisable to apply for an internship or an ad-hoc job under established trainers to seek guidance and the ins and outs of the job market. Before you invest in your own resources, you should work part-time or full-time under an image consulting company to gain some polishing tactics and understand the lacunae that might arise if you start your own network.

5. Networking, partnership and branding

Once you are fully equipped to start as an image consultant, you would be required to have a network of associates like the stylist, wardrobe designer, communication and etiquette specialists, etc. to fulfill the tops and bottoms of all that is left to cover. Also, joining a network or public events of consultants and specialists will also help you gain recognition and fame.

Strengthen your social media presence as social media is a game changer. You will gain access to more clients and achieve fame and acknowledgment with lesser effort.

Take away:

Once you are a professional, being a specialist gives you an upper edge. For any assistance on polishing, Kohli Finishing School, the best image consulting institute Moga, can help you provide an edge to make a career in this dynamic line. This school has produced lots of individuals who have aced their confidence and made their lifestyle a splendid one.

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