The dictionary meaning of core values is a principle or belief that a person or organization views as being of central importance. These fundamentals are guiding light to judge what is right or wrong in a situation.

What do you value more- honesty or quick money?

What are more important- human values or monetary gain?

What holds more relevance- service to society or self-interest?

Like the paradoxical situations above, you will come across situations which put you in jeopardy and you have to take a call. In each situation, you have to choose one side of the coin which is at the cost of other. This entire decision making becomes a part of your habit and becomes an inherent part of your core values.

Core values are a part of your organization’s basic values which reflect in how you deal with clients, how you give back to society and how you deal with your employees.

Define your personal core values

You have to define the paradigm of your personal core values which can include honesty, justice, humility, openness, trust, generosity, teamwork and what you value more is reflected in your attitude towards others. These values demark what is unique in you and will help others trust you as well bank upon you for a long-term relationship.

You have to carefully outline and assess what is important and relevant to you. You have to assess yourself as to what is that you are passionate about. There are times when your core values will alter and that will happen when they aren’t in alignment with the real goals. But most of all your values are stable and irreversible.

Have you chartered your organizational goals?

Your company goals are of utmost importance and have to be defined at the inception as it forms a part of the strategic decision making. If your company values societal service, you will keep society as your priority even if it is at the cost of your profits. If the company values employee perquisites, you will leave no end to compensate the people in your department, no matter at the cost of your company profits. How you deal with clients or employees, how you project your company image to prospective clients or how you build your brand is all contingent on what goals and values you set for the organization.

Is it important to align personal and organizational goals?

To capture full productivity and clarity of goals, it is crucial to align company and personal goals. Outlining clear long term and short term goals for the organization will give a unified direction to all the employees. Consequently, the workforce would be highly engaged which will result in higher efficiency, lower the costs and reduce the employee turnover too.

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How do you actually assess and define your core values?

As Tony Hsieh quotes, “Your personal core values define who you are, and company core values ultimately define the company’s character and brand. For individuals, the character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.”

You have to assess what you value the most by analyzing your strengths and your passions. You must not hesitate to seek the help of an image consultant or counselor to assess the core values which are the basis of your foundation. Make a list of what makes you happy, what makes you content, what is that you detest and what will help you fulfill your end goals. Keeping a charter of these facts will help you analyze what your core values are and it will be a stepping stone to document the company’s core values.

Some Final Words

You have to innovate and improve each day, communicate your ideas to clients, prove your mettle and show your dependability to society through your core values. To be ahead of the curve you have to take accountability of your actions and deeds. If you value transparency and teamwork, you must highlight these in your core values which will be eventually reflected in the company’s policies.

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